Renaissance Soul

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Welcome to my portal on the web.

“Planting many seeds has given me a bountiful garden.”
~Deborah Robinson

You may have been redirected from my former domain which primarily was centred around my art. Be sure to take a look at my Fine Art for Sale. This is my new home and I have combined all my businesses on one site. Bookmark me for future reference.

What I Do
  • Artist-Musician-Writer-Photographer-Educator
  • Social Media Connector-Web Designer-Marketing for Small Biz
  • Stylist & Makeup Artist-Reiki-Aromatherapy-Facepainting.

I have found the way to make the most impact in my life, & the lives of others is to live my passion. In my case, that encompasses a wide scope, hence the Renaissance Soul tag. In creating my own niche, I felt it was imperative to integrate the many hats I wear. Embracing my Renaissance soul I have combined all I do on this website. For a full list of products & services go HERE.

Polymath, a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.

I have always been independent & curious about many things. I truly enjoy the variety.

Being highly organized makes it easy to juggle a number of projects and paves the way for living a creative life. My days are varied, containing computer & business activity, painting, music rehearsal followed by some teaching, music gigs on the weekends to round things out. What you see here is my own creation, the result of time spent honing my talents and interests.

All of my areas of interest are equally developed. I continue to spend my life studying and practising what I love. Whether it be a piece of fine art, a musical performance I have plenty of creativity to share with you. Or maybe you need a new website, or coaching for your social media you will find many options here. I look forward to collaborating with you.

All the images on the website are photographs by me. Prints can be purchased.
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