Renaissance Soul

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Welcome to my portal on the web. You may have been redirected from my former domain which primarily was centred around my art. Be sure to take a look at my Fine Art for Sale. This is my new home and I have combined all my businesses on one site.

What’s New

What I Do
  • Artist-Musician-Writer-Photographer-Educator
  • Social Media Connector-Web Designer-Marketing for Small Biz
  • Stylist & Makeup Artist-Reiki-Aromatherapy-Facepainting.

I have found the way to make the most impact in my life, & the lives of others is to live my passion.  In my case, that encompasses a wide scope, hence the Renaissance Soul tag. I have always been independent & curious about many things. I truly enjoy the variety.
In creating my own niche, I felt it was imperative to integrate the many hats I wear.  Embracing my Renaissance soul I have combined all I do on this website. For a full list of products & services go HERE.

Polymath, a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.

“Planting many seeds has given me a bountiful garden.”
~Deborah Robinson
All the images on the website are photographs by me. Prints can be purchased. © All Rights Reserved

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