Movement Naturally Occurs

Movement Naturally Occurs

Movement of the stream naturally occurs  flowing, continually clearing and purifying debris from itself, cleansing while in motion. The flow goes on, polishing rocks and filtering out unnecessary objects. The flow and movement of nature does not stop. Regardless of external conditions the natural order of things continue. It seems only humans want to disrupt that natural balance.

If I liken my life to a stream I can see how things are naturally stripped away, with or without my help. But when I hold on, the waters can become stagnant and microscopic life forms begin to die because the environment can no longer support life. It becomes more of a battle. When things do not seem in flow, then it is we, ourselves resisting. I love the expression “let go or be dragged”. We open to the flow to win over resistance, a true feat in itself.

So when I think life is not supporting me, really I am not supporting life. Creating an environment which is supportive to myself has been my focus for some time. However, the outside influences nearby are not good for me. A lesson in containment and a reminder of who I would be without awareness is what I have discerned. I do not engage with this energy, rather I choose to rise above & transmute it to something positive.

To clear what is no longer necessary I feel I need to facilitate  movement.  The way I do that is to ready myself. Staying in the flow is really a state of being, one of awareness and consciousness. Staying in this state when challenged by outside forces requires a great deal of inner strength. My progress will blend with the natural order of things because movement naturally occurs. I will be open to it, open to receive by surrendering to the process.


While scoping out locations for plein air painting, I was fortunate to come upon a whole flock of red-winged blackbirds in Pierce Estate Park the other day. They were singing & nesting in the marsh. I sat for a long while. The soft stuffing from last year’s cattails must give their nests cushioning I imagined, judging by their condition. How perfect nature is.

Expanding my horizons

I took a first time stroll to Beaver Dam Flats. The park had sustained much flood damage, uprooted trees and debris littered the edges of the pathway. Still it was pristine in all its fresh greenery.

It is a river forest. As I meandered through the pathways I saw a man approaching in my direction. Out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed when the moment when the light went on for him and he chose to come directly to me. He had no idea I noticed his premeditation to follow me. I had just seen a sign which said, “DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE”. I was on my guard but ready.

He seemed concerned about the people having a bonfire close to the river’s edge. I had seen them. “Are fires allowed?” I asked, he struggled for an answer, despite being a self-appointed supervisor of the area. He then mumbled it had rained a bit everyday.

What the artist sees

Though he was following me, I delayed. When I stopped then he would slow down. Going on about my business, I stopped on the bridge to take a picture of the slough. His eyes searching the area he said, “What are you seeing in there?”

I said, “Well I am an artist and I take a lot of pictures.” It occurred to me he was not seeing the reflections, colors and shadows and I was not about to explain it. I had come here for solace so I sustained my boundary by holding a strong physical presence. He seemed annoyed with not being able to solve the mystery and unable to penetrate my invisible armor, he hurried up the hill, vanishing from sight.

It is not the first time I have taken pictures when people around me look around to see what was so interesting. When they do not have the awareness, they quickly lose interest I have noticed more than once. I was too much of a geek for him I suppose.

Here is my art if you would like to take a look. I will be creating a new collection soon, so stay tuned and subscribe for notification of new developments. My emails are not frequent, usually 4 per year. I also have a couple of live music shows coming up which you will find here. Hope to see you there!

Early May Days

  Early May Days duck competition


Early May days are splendid for speculation and regrouping. The returning sun strains our eyes and shines light on anything which neglected over the darker months. When in contemplation I go to the river, like yesterday and today.

Lots of ducks and geese were actively creating their summer life. No babies yet but mating season is well underway. I was lucky to catch this guy in mid-air!  

Still a lot of mud yet, and ice on the banks. The lagoon restoration does not seem complete but the restaurant is open.  The reflections have always been wonderful in the lagoon at Bowness Park, depending on what time of day you go. Everything seems different post flood.

This is an interesting shot I took of a Canada goose, a portrait.  My sense was this guy was looking for his mate & going from being concerned to becoming irate causing a huge ruckus. I hope he found her.may-canada-goose-portrait

My plan is getting outside more this summer. Some walking, biking and plein air painting will be a grand start. Oh and of course outdoor yoga in the park which begins this Sunday! Fingers crossed the sunshine lasts. A herb garden is on my wish list.

I am reviving my journal writing.  Journaling is a tool I use to help me to shift my perceptions,  to break  old patterns, which in turn makes room to create something new. See how the water rolls off a goose’s belly. It doesn’t get under the skin. This is a lesson we humans can learn. My reminder this week to not take things personally. What is the message for you these days?



What’s on Deck; May & Beyond

On Sunday, June 4th, you can hear my music at the Leighton Centre for their Clothesline Festival and Art Sale! I will be performing from 2-4 pm. It is beautiful out there, so come out for a Sunday drive and enjoy some fine art & music. I am working on a couple of things at the moment. I will share as soon as I can. In the meantime have fun. Drop a comment to say hi. I would love to hear from you.

WordCamp Calgary 2017 OrganizerOh and I am attending WORDCAMP this year. If you are a WordPress geek, or wanna be, you can come too! If you want a WordPress website, I can build one for you. See the web services I offer here.