Back From the Desert


Well, Drumheller Arts Festival is behind me now. It was a hectic time getting ready to go, and we got away late. It is a miracle we made it there. Here’s my setup. It turned out the canopy I found on sale, a necessity, due to the hot desert weather, was somewhat complex to put together. It took a whole team, despite the caption on the box which assured me of easy setup. Fortunately, I found willing participants, who graciously offered their assistance. Even with the canopy, I still managed to get severely sunburned.


The bed and breakfast was quaint, breakfast company was interesting, and the food was lovely.That evening, a huge thunderstorm added to the ambiance of the turn of the century mansion. I had such a feeling of deja vu, not only in the house, but from the minute we descended into the valley. The town has an interesting history, formerly known for it’s coal mining. It was like a glimpse into the past.

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