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Creative gifts for yourself and your friends.
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    • Art Prints of My Paintings

For now I am selling some select prints at Saatchi Online.
Available Now
Passion Flower Painting Fine Art Print

Vintage John Fluevog
Munster Platform Boots Rare
Black Nubuck Leather Lace Up Boots
Louis XIVth heel. Made In Spain.
Very little wear, original laces, lifts, etc.
Women’s US Size 11


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Available Art

View my NEW oil paintings here.

Available Art

Hand painted with top quality materials. Thank you for supporting the arts! Browse the available art I have for sale.

Buy fine art direct from the artist, Deborah Robinson. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Let me know if you have any questions.

I can also provide you with a three month payment plan, so a deposit will hold your purchase. Framing is not included unless specified. If you do not see something you like, keep in mind I also do custom art and commissions as well as large scale murals. Check out my mural page for some samples HERE.

All transactions, credit cards are processed through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account. Shipping is extra. Local buyers are eligible for pickup or delivery and may also pay with VISA, MASTERCARD without going through Paypal. EMAIL TRANSFER is available to ALL Canadian buyers. Once payment has cleared, the item will be carefully packaged and shipped within 2-3 business days.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A self representing artist, I enjoy creating art that encompasses a wide variety of subjects. My original art works include landscapes, flowers, figures and still life. Also I have been working on a number of spiritual art paintings inspired by dreams and my own spiritual experiences.

Inspiration is found in the simplest of things, a raindrop on a window, a certain glow of light, reflections & shadows. The metamorphosis never ends, as things continue to expand offering more clarity, I simplify, embellish and let the creative flow through me.

Creativity, no matter what form, is a path from the soul, and I have found that one area of expression feeds another.

I am especially fascinated by colour and how it relates to sound and form. Learning to see, translating what the mind’s eye sees to brush & canvas is a rewarding challenge.

Being in the moment of creation, the excitement I feel, as a piece nears completion, is the ultimate experience. The learning process never ends. Being an artist means a lifetime of observation and recreating little bits and pieces in my art practise and sharing them with you.

Raw talent, in itself, is just that. It must be honed, in order to accomplish something worthwhile. I would like to know that I have touched people somehow, through my art, and personally.

My artwork can be found in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Europe, and the Caribbean. I reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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 Returns Eligible For Refund  Less Shipping Costs
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Custom Work requires a 50% Deposit, balance upon completion.

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Renaissance Soul

Renaissance Soul

fine artmusicwritingphotographysocial mediaweb design & more …

DeborahWelcome! This is my home where I have combined all my business on one site.

If you arrived here from my former domain which mostly focused on my art, you will still find lots of visuals here, namely my art and photography as well as a multitude of writing and other business services.

Embracing my Renaissance soul, I have integrated all I do here. Thank you for visiting.

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NEW Popup Gallery of New Works

New ArtWorks Available

NEW Mural

Mural Testimonial

Our 2018 started off with the most pleasant experience meeting Deborah. We were looking for nursery mural artist in the Calgary area and came across her website … read more

Visit my Blog:
Many of my blog posts were imported from a previous platform. Unfortunately I was unable to save any of the comments. When you read the posts, please feel free to comment here. I would love to hear from you. If you want notification of new posts you can subscribe at the bottom of any post.
Polymath; a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas.

What I Do
  • Artist-Musician-Writer-Photographer-Educator
  • Social Media Connector-Web Designer-Marketing for Small Biz
  • Stylist & Makeup Artist-Reiki-Aromatherapy-Facepainting.

I have always been independent & curious about many things. I truly enjoy the variety. I have found the way optimize influence in our lives is to live our passion. In my case, the road always leads to this as there is no escaping authenticity. In creating my niche, I felt it was imperative to integrate the many hats I wear. For a full list of products & services go HERE.

“Planting many seeds has given me a bountiful garden.” ~Deborah Robinson

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Let’s Work Together

Something here is sure to engage you, whether you are an person or business. Whatever the reason for your visit, I want to help you to meet your goals. It is personally satisfying to share my talent, skills and knowledge with you.

Everything I do interconnects. Take a look at my body of work & see what I have to offer. I am also interested in connecting & collaborating with other professionals.

Why Work With Me?

A creative entrepreneur, I have a wealth of experience in owning and operating small businesses. This is my business and it is what supports me and I want to engage with you.

Self-directed, I have spent a lot of time studying what works for small biz. My businesses have always been based on service and value.

In all of my dealings I strive to work from a place of consciousness, respect and compassion. Clear interpersonal communication is what works for me and I am highly intuitive. I have great references.

“All of my businesses function on the basis of integrity, quality and value.” ~ Deborah Robinson

List of My Services

Fill out the contact form below so we can get started. For people interested in social web services, I will send you a questionnaire on a scope of project estimation.  I look forward to collaborating with you.

Please Note: It is impossible to give a quote or an estimate before knowing the scope of the job. My prices are derived from   tangible data.


Connect With Me

connect with deborah robinson
Please use the contact form below for all inquiries. Feel free to send me questions if you have them. I do not take voice calls from area codes outside of Canada. Use the contact form to make a phone appointment with me if you have relevant business to discuss. Thank you for your understanding.

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If you are submitting a Request for Proposal, please use the form to get in touch and I will respond. A complete list of services can be found here. I hope you will find something you like. I look forward to hearing from you! Deborah Robinson; Calgary, Alberta, Canada