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my fine art galleriesHere are my visual art and photography galleries.

You will also find murals, small works, miniatures and works on paper. I have an collection of landscapes, flowers, macro floral, figures and nature scenes. My art is available for sale, and archived works are also on display here. I wanted to include some of my older works, so you can see how my development as an artist has progressed.

Since residing in many areas of Canada, traveling extensively throughout North America, my favorite destinations include the west coast and New Mexico and I always try to paint on location, where ever I go.  My paintings are all made with archival materials and varnished to protect and preserve for a long life and to prevent fading of the colours. Browse the galleries and enjoy.

    Available Art

    Fine Art by Deborah Robinson Available for Purchase. My paintings range from miniature to larger works. I also do custom work & commissions. Enjoy!


      Murals & Decorative Custom Work Available Decorative, Environments, Theme Productions, Window Painting

        Small Works

        Miniature Art & Small Paintings A precious slice of life you can hold in your hand. Often these small works take as much time as the larger pieces, due to the amount of detail.

          Paper Works

          Drawings, charcoal, pencil, graphite, pastel, watercolour, ink, on paper, art journals. This is where many great ideas start.


            My Photography, It's inspirational for me to find wonderful shots and makes my spirit soar. Prints are available upon request.


              Early & sold paintings. Some are in the artist's collection. A variety of abstracts, landscapes, still life, figures, flowers, abstracted.

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              Renaissance Soul

              Renaissance Soul

              fine artmusicwritingphotographysocial mediaweb design & more …

              Deborah Robinson Renaissance SoulWelcome! This is my home where I have combined all my businesses on one site.

              If you arrived here from my former domain which mostly focused on my art, you will still find lots of visuals here, namely my art and photography as well as a multitude of writing and other business services.

              Embracing my Renaissance soul, I have integrated all I do here. Thank you for visiting.


              NEW Paintings

              edworthy park trees

              NEW Blog Post

              Movement Naturally Occurs

              Many of my blog posts were imported from a previous platform. Unfortunately I was unable to save any of the comments. When you read the posts, please feel free to comment here. I would love to hear from you. If you want notification of new posts you can subscribe at the bottom of any post.
              Polymath; a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas.

              What I Do
              • Artist-Musician-Writer-Photographer-Educator
              • Social Media Connector-Web Designer-Marketing for Small Biz
              • Stylist & Makeup Artist-Reiki-Aromatherapy-Facepainting.

              I have always been independent & curious about many things. I truly enjoy the variety. I have found the way optimize influence in our lives is to live our passion. In my case, the road always leads to this as there is no escaping authenticity. In creating my niche, I felt it was imperative to integrate the many hats I wear. For a full list of products & services go HERE.

              “Planting many seeds has given me a bountiful garden.” ~Deborah Robinson