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Murals & Decorative

Murals & Decorative Art

I am a Calgary mural artist who does commercial and residential murals. Unique quality custom artwork can be done indoor or outdoor. Some of my work has included murals, panels, theme production, window painting, & decorative. Also I do contemporary artistic Stampede & holiday window painting. Have an idea? I can make it a reality by enhancing your environment with a design you will love.

From the design of your ideas, to the finished product, I enjoy doing large scale art works & wall murals. Trompe L’Oeil, decorative painting and accent finishes are part of the process, depending on the subject matter. I can design and produce specialized environments and theme productions for your home or business. I will use the high quality materials whether it be indoor or outdoor and work around your schedule with minimal disruption to your home or business. If you would like to engage your community with a mural project, I can facilitate that for you.

The Cherry Blossom Tree Mural, 14′ wide and 8′ high, painted in a master bedroom. The owners of the new mural were thrilled with it.

“Thank you so much for the mural of the cherry blossom tree in our bedroom, it’s amazing and we are really happy with it! Many thanks, Mark and Fabi”

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Original fine art murals can really enhance your space in such an amazing way. Good design will deliver an environment you will love spending time in. Contact me for a free consultation today.

New Mural


This is a sketch I did of the mural. The drawing is primarily for scale. The subject matter is organic, therefore, once I began painting I worked intuitively within the structure I had created. The wall was fourteen feet wide and eight feet high. I painted this in a master bedroom. An auspicious symbol, signing the contract on Chinese New Year was equally so. A great way to begin Year of the Horse.


Here is the finished mural, although you cannot really get the feeling of the presence it has while being in the same room with it. Below, you can see some close up shots of the details, including the gold accent, which glimmers in the light.

Mural painting requires large brushes and ladders, but also tiny brushes, like the ones I use for my miniatures. The subject must look good from a distance, as well as close up to the best effect. I really enjoyed designing and painting this one, and I welcome any queries regarding mural commissions.