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Fabulous News!

birds in a row

How I love to watch the birds feeding at this time of year. The addition of suet to the offerings has brought many. When I stroll through the garden at the side of the house they swoop upwards enmasse into the pines with a whisper of wings which quells the heart. Indeed the heart is as a little bird, sensitive and fluttering.

Now for the fabulous news. I have become a member of ArtPoint Gallery & Studios, which is an artist run society, studios and gallery. Upon submission of my portfolio, I was juried in by the jury of other artists. I am looking forward to contributing to the society and connecting and being part of a network of artists which will really be empowering.

Figure Drawings

This means I still have to work at marketing and promoting my own art, but I have a place to show it, which will give me more visibility.

Being a member of ArtPoint will certainly help me take my art career to the next level. Their aim is to be a model for artist run cooperatives and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.

Monday night I attended the weekly Figure Drawing session at ArtPoint. Here are some bits and pieces resulting from drawing from a live model, one minute to twenty minutes sketches with charcoal and conte crayons. They are done fairly quickly and not necessarily complete. Wonderful practise while contributing to an inspiring headspace. May your headspace be awesome this week!