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Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music lessons in your home. Learn to play piano or guitar now! Find out how much fun music lessons are. Music is a way to build a sense of accomplishment and to bring joy into your life.   All ages welcome.

Registration is ongoing!
Select openings!
Book today!
NO Registration fee. Pay monthly.

Private music lessons; piano and guitar in the comfort of your own home. I have a few openings left in SW Calgary.
$30 per half hour
$45 for 45 minute lesson
$60 one hour lesson
Summer lessons are available upon request.

How does it work?

Dedicated students who want to have fun with learning music! I will help you to make your musical dreams a reality. A teacher who thinks out of the box, I can show you different ways of looking at the music. Your music lessons will be in your home, on either piano, or guitar.

Do you have a strong enough desire to want to play? When considering music lessons, one must understand it is a commitment to learning, which entails practicing in between your lessons. A willingness to do the work required to carry out your goals?  If so, I may have room in my schedule for you.

Registration is ongoing, dependent upon availability. Please contact me if you want to meet your musical dreams.


Achieved a high level of musicianship
Self-disciplined, organized & punctual
Able to motivate & inspire students
Love of music & enjoy teaching music lessons


Piano, guitar, voice, performance, composition, arranging,
Teaching private music lessons, coaching, mentoring

A slice of one of my original paintings
  • Reading music on piano and guitar
  • Fundamentals all ages, adult beginners piano & guitar, songwriting, performance preparation
  • Theory, sight reading, ear training, scales, RCM PIANO teach to Grade 8
  • Piano, jazz and blues piano chord structures and improvisation, modes
  • Guitar, note reading, tabulature, chords, scales, chord progressions, fingerpicking, cycle of fifths
  • Skype Lessons Upon Request
  • Experienced Professional Player & Performer
  • Songwriting; Berklee College of Music
  • Developing Your Musicianship; Berklee College of Music
  • Jazz Improvisation I & II; Capilano University, Vancouver, BC
  • Classical Piano (11 years, Grade VIII RCM)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music, RCM London, UK
  • Private Guitar Studies; Heather Bishop

Recommended Piano Tuner: itune4u Tell Colin or Rick I sent you.
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Dog Day Reflections


I love the refreshing feel of the cool night air on my bare skin. Fall is creeping around the corner. Though a goodbye to beautiful weather, fall is a huge season for rebirth.

I have seen spots of cool translucent yellow in the trees. From warm winds and sunshine to crisp evenings with the aroma of wood smoke trailing through the air. Taking solitude under shade trees near the river on hot days, I like to wade in the water to refresh myself. Today is far to cool for that, as there is a frost warning for tonight. Days fly by so fast.


Lots of summer green and very little income but an abundance of extra leisure time. When not seeking work, much of that has been spent in reflection, unwinding and reevaluating priorities. Since being laid off at the end of June when the music school closed, I have had a couple of interviews, and sent out many more resumes.

The good news is I have found a part-time position as a guitar and piano teacher at Bowtown Music. I am pleased, as I really feel comfortable with the people. Since it takes time to build up a student base I am still looking for another job as well and know the right scenario is awaiting my arrival.