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The Shadow

ShadowShadows have always been fascinating to me. As a child I would lay in bed at night, transforming the shapes from the light & dark patches reflected on my bedroom wall.

I remember being out of doors, watching the light change, paying attention to how the different shadows formed, depending upon the time of day. Playing in the shadows, while creating inner worlds from them.

“That girl is scared of her own shadow!” I remember hearing my grandmother say. Yet I cannot remember if it was me she was referring to. Now as an adult, the shadow, has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I had known for a time the “shadow” was an integral part of everyone. C Jung wrote about the shadow as archetype. The shadows exists in all of us. It is universal.

To fear the shadow is to suppress a part of one’s self all that influences what we do and what beliefs we hold true. Our actions are proof of this. When the shadow rears it’s head, hovering over our shoulder, one needs to make friends with it, in order to find out who that shadow personality is. Why is this important? Because the part of ourselves that we do not know, the part that stays in the darkness, has the greatest influence over our lives.


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amberIntentionality as it relates to philosophy of mind, allows you to create your own reality. It begins with mindfulness, awareness. One must examine underlying thoughts and beliefs to better understand ourselves. Our thoughts are a result of our own values and beliefs, which often must be changed if you are to change your reality. In order to understand your intention you must examine your beliefs. Many of us have beliefs from our childhood which have remained with us. Unfortunately these are not the tools required to survive in an adult world.

Instead of looking to find ourselves, we build who we are.
Without the proper tools, your final result is likely to contain shoddy workmanship. By operating on yesterday’s beliefs you may find yourself coming up against that brick wall, time and time again. Thinking patterns are deeply ingrained. If you can change your thinking & your behaviour, then other things in your life can change. Taking the same approach you’ve always taken to solving problems, will yield the same results.


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