Pre-FallThe early morning dew is thick and heavy like clinging tears which mourn the loss of summer. Birds stuff themselves all day long at the feeders in preparation.

Hard rains came a few days ago, a thick deliberate drizzle soaking tree trunks and the wooden fences. Fairy rings are popping up here and there.

Azure blue contrast to the subtle changing color of the leaves. Only a vision of what is to come now barely visible to the undiscerning eye. Strange yellow leaves have begun to scatter and still the lilies and hollyhocks reluctantly bloom. My skin is tanned yet, reminiscent of whimsical summery breezes.

River RootsAutumn is the most significant season for shifting and transformation. Unsettling these stirring leaves and winds, who catch the unsuspecting off guard. Yet it is the new beginnings which will now sweep me up, like leaves in the wind and carry me further along the river of life. I, for one, intend to take advantage of the opportunity.

The change of season is upon us, admittedly I delay the thought in my mind. This week’s reprieve of hot days and crisp cool nights extend the bliss with tomorrow’s promised golden sunlight rising. Equinox is just days away while the harvest moon lights up the night sky, her beams dancing with Cassiopeia. Roots that run deep reaching river’s edge. Remembering all that is. Light dreams sustain.

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