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An Artful Life

An Artful Life

What makes an artful life? Some artists say they make art because they have to. Why do I make art? I prefer to think of my art as that which I want to do which keeps my inner passion alive. Transferring the essence to others is part of the process. It is imperative that art be seen and shared. Ultimately it is about connection & communication.

To know I have touched others not just with my art but personally is a bonus. Art making is one thing that gets my endorphins flowing. The natural highs I find in discovering nature and then I translate the experience to my art.

My chosen way of transmitting my emotions and insights is more subtly through my visual art and music. Sometimes there are no words.

Painting Commission


This painting I did for someone (shown left), a commission, a beautiful hibiscus painting, very feminine yet with intense deep colours.

The patron later told me-she felt a tingling in her leg when she looked at it. She had some sort of problem with her leg which the painting appeared to solve. [insert disclaimer]

The energetics of the painting were emitting healing. For somethings we do not have a scientific explanation. Have you ever stood in a gallery and been brought to tears by a painting? When I am doing a commissioned piece, I do tune into the person, at the very least on a subconscious level. I did not know about her leg problem until she told me afterwards.

A previous article I wrote sometime ago, art and healing. I wrote this long before my healing abilities became as developed and focused as they are now. To add to what I had written I have discovered the recipient and the healer both derive benefits of the energy flow.   The world needs more art and more healing and an artful life.

I have found keeping track of the art which I make has become a way to document my life. Each piece evokes memories of the time of its creation. My style has changed with time. I have developed this craft for several years. As an introvert it is most satisfying to spend time alone in creation mode with my art.  Art is the result of my inner workings I bring out to share with the world. I heal myself and others through my art making. It completes me in a way that no other thing can.

The joy generated from creating keeps my vibe up and allows me to lift myself up from even the bluest of funks. When I am creating, the flow starts to happen. I do not have time to think about anything else. Things start coming my way when I am in the zone. This makes for an artful life too.

healing painting

Healing Art

To close, this is one of my personal healing paintings titled “Transformation”. Semi precious gems and healing crystals are found embedded within as well as various key symbols. I like to buy my stones from Earth Gems. To photograph this is near impossible, but you get the idea.

Stones included in this piece are rutilated quartz, crystal quartz, kyanite, amethyst, citrine, emerald, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, carnelian, peridot, howlite and black obsidian.  It symbolizes   radical change; mind. body & soul encompassing unity and balance with a root to crown chakra alignment as well as unifying masculine and feminine energies. Tell me, do you see one face or two in this?

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