Artistic Integrity

pink poppyThe world as we know it, appears to be in a state of decline. This is precisely when culture becomes important.

In times such as these, we must preserve the things which maintain a civilized society. Culture is the glue which holds our society together.

Looking for the similarities rather than the differences is a means to reach a common end. Without judgment we integrate, become equal regardless of background. A social structure that does not support culture and artistic integrity instead breeds adversity and alienation. Difficulties exist in pursuing artistic integrity in a climate of unrest, an environment is not conducive to creativity.

Your own value system, what you believe, is the framework you choose to live by. Knowing where you want to go does not necessarily light the path. Maintaining integrity in your work can sometimes mean making sacrifices. To develop credibility as an artist, you will need syncretic unification of your art, heart and soul.


Expounding energy to repel the negative forces at work takes energy away from creating. What if we surround ourselves with only beauty and peacefulness? Yet joy cannot exist without sorrow nor light without darkness. So we experience all life has to give, while holding steadfast to our principles.

Will today’s art become the masterpieces of tomorrow? I wonder how many pieces created today will with stand the test of time. More than likely it will be the most unsuspecting artists who make a dent in art history. I think of Van Gogh, who never lived to see his successes.

I do not believe the stereotype that artists must suffer to be great or to create. Agonies while creating are experienced by many artists, if not all. The most important element is to maintain your integrity in everything you do.

Are you creating works of art with authentic substance? This requires an integration of self, love for the work, perseverance and commitment .

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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