Autumn Blooms


I found this lovely blue peaceful pool at the Reader Rock Garden. Though it was near the end of season, still some things were in bloom. It is adjacent to a cemetery.

This garden was built by William Reader during the twenties. He was superintendent of parks in the early 1900’s. It has been restored within the last few years, and a replica of his house on the property is now a restaurant, which is on my list to go to next year for their offering of high tea.

Dahlia Yellow

This is one of the yellow dahlias, the first one to bloom. It is over five feet tall! I am amazed at how large these are, and I must admit, I am now addicted to dahlias.

Somehow they seem like a cross between peonies and chrysanthemums. The groupings of three shown in the leaf pattern is like the peony, as is the centre of the flower. The tips are like the chrysanthemum.

In the fall, they must be dug up, and the bulbs saved in a cool dry place until spring. It may be worth the extra effort since the blooms are so lovely, that is if the ground is still unfrozen.

Earlier in the week when I snapped this photo we had one frost warning, which did not materialize. But tonight they are resting comfortably under sheets and burlap, as it is to go below freezing. My sweet peas have not bloomed yet either, and so I covered them. My neighbour has sheets over his tomatoes.

Sunflower Tall

For tonight, the sunflowers have little plastic bags protecting them too, the tallest being seven feet. We have not had much bright sunshine, so blooms are slow.

Talk about eternal optimism, an absolute must for gardening at this altitude. The growing season here is short. Sometimes I think by exerting concentrated effort, I might encourage an extra couple of weeks which would be divine. I never tire of flowers.

More clearing is taking place here, getting things in order for winter. I have not delved into my painting yet though preparation has begun. It feels good to clear things bit by bit, leaving breathing space for new things to come in.

Every time I clear another niche, I can feel the chi energy flowing and it feels great. Letting go of all that is unnecessary, and is not a match for my life anymore has to go. The doing is much easier than the anticipation.

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