Busy as a Bee

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beeAs the season turns to fall, I continue on with constant change. Taking advantage of the CSS editing options, I decided to change the look of my blog.

You will notice a little purple square on my calendar on the current date. I have been trying to change the colour of that thing to no avail. The unsolved puzzle of the day. If anyone knows please share! Despite that minor detail, do you like?

Busy as a bee, I am. Like the squirrels I have been getting ready for winter, stocking up on necessary supplies, making things cosy for the winter to come. It is inevitable. Oh, to be a bee, or not to be a bee, wouldn’t it be lovely to migrate for the winter?

The learning continues with training for my new position. Last thing I imagined was going into another helping profession. Just proves if you are that type of person, then you are. A gift, to hopefully make a difference in the lives of others.

I love bees. My real name, is from Hebrew, & stands for the bee, a seeker of knowledge. My life does bear some resemblance to that. Deborah was the first & only woman judge of Israel, a soothsayer who advised leaders of armies, under a palm tree.

She was also a poet, peacemaker, and fiery spirit. Convinced she must have been a redhead, like me, it is a wonderful namesake to have. That is, so long as people don’t try to shorten it. A terrible habit which is known to run rampant in our society.

Be forewarned! It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And that is not a good thing. Oh dear, my cover is blown. Don’t worry, you can still call me Blumoon, Redgypsee or Ginger! 😉

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