By the Light

By the light … of the silvery moon.


What an eclipse tonight! I left my tripod setup on the front step, where I had a front row seat for the celestial happenings of the evening. Spectacular! A friend came by for dinner, and in between bites of butter chicken, and chocolate decadence, I ran out and took shots of the eclipse.




This is the best one I have seen. Difficult to do it justice in photos. The third photo has been lightened, so you can see the earth’s reflection and Saturn. I have a fair idea what I am leaving behind, as I continue to align myself with the new energies abound.


Fun week so far and busy. I intend to return very soon to revisit your blogs, comment on your fabulous posts and tend to your comments.

Wading through paperwork, and lots of errands. Rumblings of an art show on the horizon have begun.

Time to clear out the old paintings to make room for some new exciting stuff. They need to be released and I am running out of wall space!

Better Days Sunflower

Earlier this week I aroused an air of suspicion when the minister of the church down the street came upon me taking photos in his churchyard!

He seemed to be puzzled by my behaviour. Often I am seen in strange places taking photos, and rarely do people take notice.

When he saw me in the local coffee shop I patronize regularly a couple of days later, he looked as though he wanted to run. I suppose he wouldn’t be pleased to know I pinched a few hollyhock seeds from there last fall.

Tomorrow night we are going to see Paul Armitage in Concert. You can also listen to samples of his music on his website. The biggest thing on my mind at this moment is that I am blessed by the love around me … and the light.

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