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Music lessons, art lessons with Deborah Robinson

The Dark of Winter

The Dark of Winter

The dark of winter is on us, reminding me of deep snowy woods and promises to keep. I liked to recite that Robert Frost poem when I was hurrying home in the dark on the pathway next to the woods.

Long nights with abstractions incubating under the surface has been my preoccupation. There has been no painting this year.  Much happens in the time of winter solstice. Though uneventful on the surface, underneath activity has taken place & I expect to get the paint brushes out soon.

To take advantage of the light, bright as it is and short as it is the best therapy of year. Walk into it gently, as it is a sharp contrast to the darkness. I take time for solitude, happy to have some rest time before lessons begin again.

Blogger Life

Note that I have imported all my blog posts from the other platform which has now closed.  Everything is here now and if you explore, you will find a variety of writings and works in progress. It was fun for me to check my old blog posts, as I have blogged since 2005. Sadly there was no way to import the comments.

Music teacher

Teaching music, guitar & piano, has kept me busy. Here is my advice for a young composer, one of my students.


When composing music, find sounds that go with the idea and feeling of the song and the words. Write words for the music. Music is a feeling, a language, Tell a story with the music. Listen to and learn ideas from other people’s music. Now I will do the same with my own compositions. Teaching is a good reminder.


mountain-stream This mountain stream does not stop running though it is winter. I got drinking water from there while in the mountains and it tastes amazing. Fresh, clear and clean.

Keep moving and let all that is within move too. Let go to make room for the new.

And now the days begin to get longer.

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous & joyous new year.




Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music lessons in your home. Learn to play piano or guitar now! Find out how much fun music lessons are. Music is a way to build a sense of accomplishment and to bring joy into your life.   All ages welcome.

In home lessons have resumed. We will reevaluate as conditions change, based on the advice of the medical professionals. Remote lessons are possible. 

Registration is ongoing!
Select openings!
Book today!
NO Registration fees. Pay monthly.

Private music lessons; piano and guitar in the comfort of your own home. I have a few openings in Calgary. Book now to ensure a spot!
$30 per half hour
$45 for 45-minute lesson
$60 one-hour lesson
Summer lessons are available upon request.

How does it work?

Dedicated students who want to have fun with learning music! I will help you to make your musical dreams a reality. A teacher who thinks out of the box, I can show you different ways of looking at the music. Your music lessons will be in your home, on either piano, or guitar.

Do you have a strong desire to want to play? When considering music lessons, one must understand it is a commitment to learning, which entails practising in between your lessons. A willingness to do the work required to carry out your goals is all that is needed-I will help with the rest.

Registration is ongoing, dependent upon availability. Please contact me if you want to fulfill your musical dreams.


Achieved a high level of musicianship
Self-disciplined, organized & punctual
Able to motivate & inspire students
Love of music & enjoy teaching music lessons


Piano, guitar, voice, performance, composition, arranging,
Teaching private music lessons, coaching, mentoring

A slice of one of my original paintings
  • Reading music on piano and guitar
  • Fundamentals all ages, adult beginners piano & guitar, songwriting, performance preparation
  • Theory, sight-reading, ear training, scales, RCM PIANO teach to Grade 8
  • Piano, jazz and blues piano chord structures and improvisation, modes
  • Guitar, note reading, tablature, chords, scales, chord progressions, finger picking, cycle of fifths
  • Skype Lessons Upon Request
  • Experienced Professional Player & Performer
  • Arranging for Songwriters; Berklee College of Music
  • Jazz Improvisation; Berklee College of Music
  • Songwriting; Berklee College of Music
  • Developing Your Musicianship; Berklee College of Music
  • Jazz Improvisation I & II; Capilano University, Vancouver, BC
  • Classical Piano (11 years, Grade VIII RCM)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music, RCM London, UK
  • Private Guitar Studies; Heather Bishop

Recommended Piano Tuner: itune4u Tell Rick I sent you.
Need Sheet Music?
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Art Lessons

Art Lessons: Learn to draw and paint.

art lessons
I offer art lessons for children and adults alike in Calgary, Alberta.

Subscribe for information on upcoming workshops & camps.

Have you ever said. “I cannot draw!”? I can tell you it is because no one has ever showed you how. Like anything else, creating art takes practice to produce results. Learn basic drawing concepts and the elements of design, including composition, perspective and colour theory.  Many of my students are in amazement at what they are able to create. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

As an art educator, I can teach one on one personal art instruction, group classes or workshops. Art camps for children is something I am in the process of setting up and these will be available during spring and summer breaks. Locations will be announced, as I will pick a place that is suitable for the number of people involved.

best art teacherMy specialty for group art lessons are ages 8 to 12. Classes for teens and youth, ages 13 through 17 are arranged. I also enjoy teaching adults. If you want to create a community mural project, I can facilitate that while engaging the members of your community. Let me know what your group interest is, and we can set something up.

I am continuously developing new curriculum to share with my students. Drawing, painting, pastels, charcoal, life drawing, plein air painting is some of the techniques we will explore in your art lessons. We will study the elements of design, colour theory, line, form, perspective, proportion, and various materials. We will discuss techniques of famous artists and will emulate some of those in our own work.

I am happy to take on groups of special interest. If you have a group who would like to learn something in particular, please contact me, and I will be happy to gear classes or a workshop in your area to your needs. Location will decided, depending on demand.

Small Business Support

Small Business Support

Connection • Engagement • Presence

I want to offer you small business support to help you to achieve business success by engaging with your target market.  Small business support is my specialty.  Through social media and a good website with relevant content, you can build your brand and stand out. Self-directed, my business was built from the ground up, and I have spent a lot of time studying what works for small businesses.

Equally important is my practical experience. I know what it’s like to take the risk. It is what sets you apart from others. You’ve invested everything. Let’s collaborate as professionals, so you can meet your goals. A second set of eyes and hands is sometimes what you need to go to the next level. I can offer fresh start assistance, or build on what you have started.

By placing service and value above all, I have found business success, and I want success for you too. You may also have internal struggles that need solutions. Interpersonal relations in business and customer service solutions is a specialty. I have dealt with people from every walk of life and understand the nuances and the motivators of both employees & customers.

Before we can talk about marketing, we want to make sure the groundwork is in place. With a strong foundation, you can ensure the longevity of your organization. Many small businesses do not make it to the five-year mark for a variety of reasons. The current economic climate, and the pandemic, has been challenging. Of those who held on for so long, some just couldn’t make the long haul.

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”. ~Benjamin Franklin

See the ENGAGE MY SERVICES page to find out what’s in it for you.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media

I am a connector.
Hire me to tell the story of your brand.
Empower your business through social media.
Social Media Coaching & consulting.

Who is managing your social media strategy? Creating your web design and content? Maybe it’s a new website you are after, or you need marketing assistance for your small business or event. Did the search results bring you here?

You know you need to be on Social Media, but have no idea where to start. I specialize in supporting your event or business through blogging, social media, marketing, web design and writing relevant content for search engine optimization (SEO). Delegating these tasks is a way to give yourself time to do what you do best.

So many have a great product or services to sell yet may have no time left over to promote themselves. You’ve spent a lot of time developing your vision. You want to market yourself effectively, so you can engage your target customer. Managed effectively, you will have a strategy for success driving traffic to your site, thereby increasing your profits. Be ready for your audience when they find you.

Every business has a story, and you need to get your name out there. With a proven track record of more than ten years of being connected on the web. I have blogged for more than ten years. My Twitter following is well-developed and active daily. I am on almost every social network, and so I can set you up on any platform(s) that is suitable for your business or event.

I will design a strategy to engage your target audience, set up and monitor your accounts, as well as coach you in maintaining your presence by showing you how to increase your follower counts. As a content creator, I seldom run out of something to say. Your story needs telling.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram … & more …

Social Live: Social media coordinating for events.
Branch out and find your people on the web.