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Available Art

Available Art

Hand painted with top quality materials. Thank you for supporting the arts! Browse the available art I have for sale.

Buy fine art direct from the artist, Deborah Robinson.  Contact me if you are interested in a piece. Let’s have a chat, so I can answer any of your questions.


can also provide you with a three-month payment plan, so a deposit will hold your purchase. Framing is not included unless specified. If you do not see something you like, keep in mind I also do custom art and commissions as well as large scale murals. Check out my mural page for some samples HERE.

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A self representing artist, I enjoy creating art that encompasses a wide variety of subjects. I have been working on a number of spiritual art paintings inspired by dreams and my own spiritual experiences.

I strive to create art which is a blend of realistic and magical. My art is a blend of realistic, and magical, exploring the emotion & spiritual of nature and the human condition in my painting. My focus includes landscapes, flowers, macro floral, figures and nature scenes in oils, acrylics and watercolour.

Inspiration is found in the simplest of things, a raindrop on a window, a certain glow of light, reflections & shadows. The metamorphosis never ends, as things continue to expand offering more clarity, I simplify, embellish and let the creative flow through me.

Creativity, no matter what form, is a path from the soul, and I have found that one area of expression feeds another. Raw talent, in itself, is just that. That is why I have spent years honing the craft, to achieve the desired outcome.

I am especially fascinated by colour and how it relates to sound and form. Learning to see, translating what the mind’s eye sees to brush & canvas, is a rewarding challenge.

Being in the moment of creation, the excitement I feel, as a piece nears completion, is the ultimate experience. The learning process never ends. Being an artist means a lifetime of observation and recreating little bits and pieces in my art practise and sharing them with you.

I would like to know that I have touched people somehow, through my art, and personally.

My artwork can be found in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Europe, and the Caribbean. I reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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Custom Work requires a 50% Deposit, balance upon completion.

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promise of spring painting

Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring This painting I have titled Promise of Spring. The river starts to open up, and the days ...
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December Song, winter snow, colourful sky and trees

December’s Song

December's Song December's song, short bright days & crunchy snow your long nights stir quiet restlessness. Window lights from the ...
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November bare trees and snow


November "November never disappoints. Embrace the darkness, for the light will return." ~DLRobinson November is cold, snowy and dark here—time ...
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Pelicans & Cormorants

Another Spring, A Slower Pace

Another Spring, A Slower Pace Yet another spring, but not quite like anything I have ever known before. The breath ...
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while the garden sleeps

While the Garden Sleeps

While the Garden Sleeps It's that time of year and while the garden sleeps my nocturnal self comes alive with ...
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Tree Mural

Summer Mural Painting Complete

Summer Mural Painting Complete I trust you have had an amazing summer. Summer mural painting is how I spent my ...
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Warm Summer Breeze; A new Jazz Instrumental

Warm Summer Breeze I have written scraps of songs for ever so long. Several years have passed since I turned ...
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Movement Naturally Occurs

Movement Naturally Occurs Movement of the stream naturally occurs flowing, continually clearing and purifying debris from itself, cleansing while in ...
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early may days-canada-goose-heart

Early May Days

Early May Days Early May days are splendid for speculation and regrouping. The returning sun strains our eyes and shines ...
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Almost Spring

Almost Spring March 3 and it was almost spring when you left us. You spent your last moments until the ...
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gem stone art

An Artful Life

An Artful Life What makes an artful life? Some artists say they make art because they have to. Why do ...
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painting 6

January 2017 Daily Paintings

January Daily Paintings UPDATE I am doing the daily paintings. The goal was to paint 5 days a week, for ...
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new possibilities

Possibilities & Plans; A New Year

Possibilities & Plans; A New Year Fresh snow has blanketed the transition into 2017 as we begin a new cycle ...
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hockey mural

New Hockey Mural!

New Hockey Mural! I just finished this hockey mural today for a new small business Legend Hockey & Sports in ...
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white peony

Artistic Life Design

Artistic Life Design I am creating a new artistic life design as a creative entrepreneur. The long days of summer ...
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Winter River Light

February is Here

February is Here The river is shimmering its iridescent reflections, shivering in the late afternoon play of light. I love ...
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Natural spring, sunny day with trees and branches lined with snow

The Dark of Winter

The Dark of Winter The dark of winter is on us, reminding me of deep snowy woods and promises to ...
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Summer Plans; Be a House Concert Host

Summer Plans Why not plan a house concert this summer? Summer started early for us in Alberta and is in ...
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Things Worth Holding Onto

Things Worth Holding Onto The New Year is well underway. New projects are gradually taking form.  With a fresh start ...
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Delving deep this time to discover what is really important and let all else fall by the wayside. An abrupt ...
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New Creations

New Creations Spent a casual Sunday afternoon doing some urban sketching. We met in Inglewood chatting over coffee with sketchbook ...
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Sweet Summer Dreams

Sweet Summer Dreams Summer has arrived and the warm afternoon winds and sunshine are most welcome. I feel my life ...
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Welcome to My New DIgs

New Digs New Website & Blog Welcome to my new digs. This is my new website & blog. I have ...
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New Mural

This is a sketch I did of the mural. The drawing is primarily for scale. The subject matter is organic, ...
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Happy New Year 2014 New Story

An icy walk by the river recently while the sun was out. Calgary was one of the coldest places on ...
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Life is a Series of Transitions

The smell of decaying leaves nauseated me. Though decay and death is an opportunity for rebirth, it feels daunting. The ...
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Living Authentically

These hollyhocks were found growing on a hillside in an older area of the city as I drove by. Hollyhocks ...
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Embracing Change

The winds of change have been blowing strong. I have a sense that I could not go back now, even ...
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Spring Rumblings

It was early spring when I began this post. I love new beginnings and the fresh crisp feel of new ...
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Vintage Jazz by Deborah Robinson

Hello all. I am excited that I am finally releasing a recording done some time ago. This song was five ...
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Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice~Merry Christmas~Happy Holidays and welcome to the age of Aquarius. Who ever thought we would have made it this ...
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Mission Accomplished

Well I did it! I surpassed 50,000 words, with a few hours to spare. This year, things went much slower ...
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Fast Track: Writing, Music, Art

N A N O W R I M O is happening for me again this year. It's novel writing month, ...
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"Petals, Birds & Branches" Exhibit & Sale The Central Library Downtown 616 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2G 2M2 Until ...
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Chaos & Creativity

The mighty Bow River is high and wide, swollen to it's maximum, breaching the banks in some areas. We have ...
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My Life is a Work in Progress

My birthday was amazing and all because of a random drive I took. Slightly lost on the range road I ...
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2012 … It’s Been Here a While Now

2012 is well underway, and I started this blog post in January. Hopefully some of you are still out there, ...
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Already December

The river is not frozen over and we are well into December. I am overjoyed with the mild temperatures. Time ...
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Writing A Book: NaNoWrimo

I am more than halfway through writing my 50,000 words. I confess, in the beginning watching the meter at the ...
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Indian Summer

Golden leaves are scattered on the ground, like hundreds of mini suns. Thanksgiving has past, and we are still enjoying ...
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The Golden Hour

This is the golden hour by the river in Bowness Park in my neighborhood. Shortly after this picture was taken ...
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Late Summer Stroll

The weather has been phenomenal here in Western Canada. A blistering 30C at the end of September. Tree tops tinged ...
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Dog Day Reflections

I love the refreshing feel of the cool night air on my bare skin. Fall is creeping around the corner ...
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On My Easel

Warm hot summer winds come with traces of fondness, their dusty scent sparks deep remembering. Here is what is on ...
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Life Redesign

Starting from ground zero is what it feels like. Truthfully, I think things are just occurring at a deeper level ...
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Spring Thaw

I heard geese returning late into the night, announcing their arrival with loud honks. They were greeted by ice fog ...
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Several moons have come and gone and the non-existence of time has proved itself once more. Look at this beauty, ...
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Instinct & Evolution

Pensive gradual descent into the cool mist, penumbra moon, encircled by a ring of light, colder weather to come. Floorboards ...
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October Garden

It has been beautiful here. What a luxury! This river shot was taken on a stroll after work. My prayers ...
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Thoughts on the Process of Art

In my soul searching I have come to a deeper understanding of some of the fundamentals regarding my creative journey ...
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Autumn Blooms

I found this lovely blue peaceful pool at the Reader Rock Garden. Though it was near the end of season, ...
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September Song

Look at this landscape I captured in my travels. Taking pictures is therapy for me, as well as a wonderful ...
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Buds & Woolen Socks

My Dahlias, grown from bulbs, are about five feet high. I hope they will bloom soon. A fall flower, I ...
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Prevailing Flow

Well here we are in summer, despite the random golf ball sized hail, summer prevails. Perennials are shorter this year, ...
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Ladybug Festival & Unity Wave

This is what I am taking part in on Saturday. A ladybug festival! It begins with the release of over ...
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May Daze

My paintings are safely back home, minus the one which was sold. This is one of my faves, as I ...
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Early Spring Remnants

The show is in the main gallery at Artpoint, and runs until the end of April. If you are in ...
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Here Now

I am still here and life has been busy! Preparing for my April art show is taking most of my ...
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More Expansion

Belated Happy New Year Everyone! A fresh decade is off to a busy start. Has anyone noticed how the days ...
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For Creation Sake

A month goes by fast! With my show in the final week; I am already planning a larger show for ...
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Painting Story

During the course of a painting there are many choices to make along the way, much like life. As Joni ...
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Art Show Revue

It is dark so early now that the time has changed. It was great to have an extra hour, as ...
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Sneak Peek

Time for something bright and cheery. My upcoming show is not just about trees. I couldn't possibly get away with ...
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Suspended Animation

We are in a state of suspended animation here. Perhaps this is a result of Jupiter going direct. Leaves still ...
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Fall Equinox has arrived. And the sheets were over the gardens a couple before that. When I went to cover ...
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Late Summer Light

Saturday was a lovely day to go to Nosehill Park and capture the sunset. I needed to blow some cobwebs ...
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Sunday at the Market

Sunday is a wonderful day to go to the farmer's market. This group from South America called Nuna'y was playing ...
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I Adore Hollyhocks

I adore hollyhocks and some are in bloom throughout the neighbourhood. These are favourites of mine, truly heirloom variety. The ...
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Sunday Concert in the Park

This was the stage I playing on this past Sunday right in the heart of Mount Royal on the Red ...
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Summery Summary

Solstice came and went with a coolness to the day and cloudy skies. A shock of light wove between clouds ...
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Spring This Year

As I write this the snow is gently falling ... oh can it be over soon? Spring is reluctant this ...
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Plan B

Time stands still. Blessed dreams lie sleeping, their soft breath rhythmically rising and falling. The prominence of Orion's belt overpowers ...
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Welcome Spring

Well spring is here Equinox has arrived and we have been having balmy temperatures to go with it. Imagine my ...
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Open Water

Bits of open water are beginning to show at various spots along the Bow River. Yet the ice and snow ...
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Abstractive Reality

The weekend is upon us and what it holds is written in the stars. I have spent the week submitting ...
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Last night in the throes of one of Calgary famous March blizzards, I stayed cozy by the fire resting with ...
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Moments Like These

Hello everyone, thanks to all for your support. I have had some response to my previous post, and am presently ...
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Pixel Play

One of my most recent fancies is digital art, so I am experimenting with pixel play. Photoshop has a bit ...
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Make Me An Offer

Some say being an artist may not the easiest path, however that is the path of my passion and I ...
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Winter continues. The severe cold temperatures have left us for the time being. Soon the light will increase and nights ...
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Winter Solstice

Deep dark days of winter are upon us now, winter solstice is here, its frigid nights cause contraction and hibernation, ...
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Fabulous News!

How I love to watch the birds feeding at this time of year. The addition of suet to the offerings ...
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Weekend Getaway

The Columbia Valley is a glorious spot tucked between the Purcell & Rocky Mountain ranges. This is where I spent ...
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Remembering Gratitude

Long weekend coming up this weekend in Canada. Thanksgiving is almost here, or as I like to call it gratitude ...
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Golden Light Flow

Golden light seeps in, permeating the surroundings deeper and deeper. Still no urgency to prepare for winter, in the current ...
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Living & Dying

Fear of living is really fear of dying. Moving forward is sure to bring an end to that which is ...
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The early morning dew is thick and heavy like clinging tears which mourn the loss of summer. Birds stuff themselves ...
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What Is

Creaking doors shaken by mid afternoon gusts signify an omen to the unsettled. Airspace is a flurry of activity, sights ...
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Change in the Air

Birds are flocking. This murder of crows was seen across the street from my house a couple of days ago ...
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Summer Blazes

Late afternoon breezes graze the hushed hotness of the day offering small relief. It is another scorcher! Restless, not wanting ...
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The last thing one would expect to find in Calgary is a sailboat. However the Glenmore Reservoir sports many sailboats ...
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Nice Place to Work

This lovely setting is a nice place to work. It is the upper terrace at the Banff Springs Hotel where ...
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"Red sky in the morning ... sailor take warning!" This was the sunrise the other morning. Sure enough we had ...
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Have a listen to my musical debut on YouTube and this blog. It's me ... singing and playing guitar late ...
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Pause to Refresh

Home from a refreshing day in the mountains. The weather was optimum. Fresh air, sunshine and good company-how can you ...
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I have been trying to write this post all week. Many interruptions have prevented me from posting. A treasure for ...
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Dog Days of Summer

The Farmer's Almanac states The Dog Days of summer (a period of 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August ...
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Still Life

It's being said this has been the worst spring in twenty years. Solstice is upon us, yet it hardly feels ...
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Zen & Then

Here is the wall hanging as it stands at the moment. Seven feet high, and 1.3 ft wide. I have ...
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Well it's finally happening-we are actually growing webbed feet here in Calgary. More rain-a quiet weekend here. I spent a ...
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With the increase of the light, things are expanding around here. I managed to capture feeding time. This proud Mom ...
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The air is heavy with fragrant blossoms, which are multiplying daily. Things are becoming lush and green from all the ...
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Critters, Curtilage, Canvas & Clearing

The butterflies are arriving. This is a painted lady, who tend to show up here about this time of year ...
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Never A Dull Moment

Look at what has appeared just outside my bedroom window! This had to have been yesterday or today. I know ...
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For the Birds

Near the Bow river we have Ospreys nesting. I swung by there today to see if I would be lucky ...
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Anatomy of a Painting

Anatomy of a painting. Lush garden peonies, from start to finish. Flemish technique of painting adapted to acrylic paints ...
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Bluebird Blessings

Spring is sure to be close by. I spotted a flock of bluebirds this week while out on a walk ...
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This N’ That

Need I say more?! Winter is back. Just yesterday I was raking debris from the garden, and noticed a few ...
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Spring HotchPotch Review

The Art Show was a success from a creation standpoint. Attendance could have been better. Sold enough to cover costs ...
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You’re Invited!

My art exhibit and sale will take place at Untitled Art Society, fourth floor, 319 10 Ave, SW. Saturday April ...
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Creative Diversions

Around my neighborhood, no sign of earth day could be found. Some even had their porch lights on. This is ...
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Just For Fun

This is a canvas which I was going to use for a floral painting. Taking it out of the wrapper ...
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In Like A Lion

March arrived in gusty grandeur. In like a lion, winds rattled squeaky doors, whipping anything which was not tied down, ...
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Golden Sunset and Nature

Has anyone noticed the differences of colours in the sky since the eclipse? The very next morning the sunset had ...
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By the Light

By the light ... of the silvery moon. What an eclipse tonight! I left my tripod setup on the front ...
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Continuous Flow

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Now I am beginning the dead layer. Like a rabbit hopping ...
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Life Imitating Art

Laying a good foundation is bound to produce stunning results. Life imitating art. The more I paint, the more I ...
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To Under Paint … Or Not?

To underpaint ... or not. Under painting it is! A decision which I know may drive some people crazy. Hopefully ...
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I am going to share with you a sneak peak at the newest luscious painting plan. This is a two ...
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Virtuouso & Delicioso

Virtuouso & Delicioso He was young, a virtuoso, been playing only about eight years, his nimble knife-like fingers jetted out ...
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This Very Moment

While in the midst of a snowstorm this very moment, I want to share an event I am participating in ...
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What’s Shakin’ Round Here

What's Shakin' Round Here Up before dawn, the silent time before the illumination of conscious activity, a peaceful wondrous time ...
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Needing Rest

Needing Rest It was a dark and stormy night ... no really! It made me think of the Bulwer-Lytton Writing ...
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Under the Chinook Arch

Under the Chinook Arch Beautiful Chinook conditions yesterday ... but not for long ... very cold weather on the way ...
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A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea A cup of tea cures anything. It has snowed for two days, now the temperature has ...
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Eluding Winter Blues

Yesterday I took a trip to the garden center. A new nozzle for my hose was in order. The trees, ...
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Fur Babies

Here are my little darling fur babies basking in the mild temperatures. Highs above freezing are expected for the next ...
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Essence Here is the next stage of the snow scape, painted from a photo I took while cross country skiing ...
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New Beginnings

Time for new beginnings. Oh my dear paints and brushes, I have been neglecting you. Swept up by the flurry ...
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Lake Louise is a beautiful place. Not an unhappy face could be seen in the crowd. Even ...
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Letting Go

Letting Go I let go of this baby today. This is the commission I have been working on. Another hibiscus, ...
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The Artist in Me Wants Out!

The Artist in me Wants Out Work In Progress "Dance" 18 X 24 Acrylic/Canvas I have been painting up a ...
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I was inspired by Emily Carr's: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon at the Glenbow. The exhibit was a smash, ...
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Take Time …

Take time ... to notice the beauty which is all around you. When snapping this shot, I was unaware of ...
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Artful Cheer

Artful cheer is what sustains me as the nights grow longer, and mornings are dark. I think to myself, only ...
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Writing, tech stuff & good eats

Writing, tech stuff & good eats Apologies in advance to all the vegetarians. I was vegetarian for over twenty years ...
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Bleak November

Bleak November "Around and around the house the leaves fall thick, but never fast, for they come circling down with ...
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Snowy Monday

Snowy Monday Woke yesterday to softly falling snow, which picked up momentum throughout the day. The two nights before that ...
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Rare Beauty

Scarcely possible to believe it is Nov. Snow has melted. I am enjoying the reprieve, although it may be short ...
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Rhapsodizing Table leaves-right? Brings that into an entirely new perspective. So many possible perceptions. When things go awry in life, ...
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Think Green

Just a couple of hours days late for blog action day, which I am chalking up to Mercury retrograde issues ...
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Good Medicine

Good Medicine This is what I woke up to several mornings ago. It had hailed the night before, then froze, ...
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October Passion

October Passion IT'S DONE! Can you believe it? I scarcely can! I had no choice-it's going on lease tomorrow. Now ...
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Process The work continues on my two latest. I am concentrating on allowing the natural process of art to flow ...
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A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time The rains have come, only hours before the vernal equinox. It is late this year with ...
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What I Need

What I Need I began this post over two weeks ago, then somehow got distracted. Like a bird on a ...
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I Have Seen

I Have Seen ... yellow leaves scattered upon the ground already! And I have also seen beautiful scenery this past ...
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Change & All That

Change & All That Weather has taken a turn toward fall ... rather shocking after such a heat wave. Just ...
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Gardening & Such

Gardening & Such Look at these juicy cherry tomatoes ... pick them fresh off the vine to toss into a ...
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Summer Sustenance

Summer Sustenance I have been gardening, fending off the Magpies who like to steal the portulaca from the planters as ...
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Clearing Cobwebs

Clearing Cobwebs I am reporting to you from the Calgary Stampede. An outing to the "Greatest Show on Earth" is ...
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Twilight & Triptych

Twilight & Triptych Days are long and the sun does not set until almost eleven at night here. Still not ...
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A Thousand Shades of Green

A Thousand Shades of Green Summer is almost here, surrounding us with textures of blooms, leaves, branches and a thousand ...
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Countdown In case anyone didn't get to see Venus in the Western sky around sunset last night, here a shot ...
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Painting From Life

Painting From Life Spring has been taking it's time settling in around here. Looks like today will be a start, ...
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Playing with a Full Deck

It's my birthday! So now it's official ... at fifty-two, I am finally playing with a full deck. This picture ...
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Creating Once again, we have a heavy snowfall warning here, and once again, it is snowing. Surrounded by almost finished ...
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Show Time

It is snowing here again. Just thought I would say hello before I go off to paint. Here we are: ...
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Spring Starts & Stops

Spring Starts & Stops Where oh where have I been? Four paintings almost finished. An incredibly busy time for me, ...
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Melt Down

Melt Down Don't you just love the early spring, the day you first felt the sun's warmth on your back ...
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Fait Accompli

Fait Accompli The mural is done. One happy little boy is now sleeping under a rainbow at night. Difficult to ...
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Mountain Renewal

Mountain Renewal Softly snowing here today, the soft lucky kind of snow, damp huge flakes hinting at spring. Yesterday we ...
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Guess Who?

A little nostalgia for you, from about 1988, if I am not mistaken, when I was having some promo shots ...
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Let Them Eat Cake …

Let Them Eat Cake ... Now this is a piece of cake. It is meant to be shared as it ...
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Ever Feel Like This?

Ever Feel Like This? Someone ... help me to understand why the minute I begin sharing living space with someone, ...
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View from Here

View from Here Many ways to stay warm. Still snowing while the cold snap continues. Woes of February, shortest and ...
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February Gray

February Gray Back to a winter wonderland around here. Even the birds are confused. Not sure if these geese are ...
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Markets, Minutes & Mysteries

Markets, Minutes & Mysteries Things are moving right along ... barely a minute to spare! I had to give up ...
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Autumn the Movie Star

Updated! Had a little fun with the camera last night. Don't worry it's a short flick-a bit dark-but you get ...
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Going With the Flow

Going With the Flow The plan was to finish the mural on Monday, however it is not done. As you ...
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Wanna Know a Secret?

Wanna Know a Secret? Some of you may have seen this already, but for those of you who haven't-it's a ...
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Rants & Such

Rants & Such Cold nights bring out the brightness of stars, the dippers against a backdrop of velvet indigo. Fascination ...
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Elemental Haiku

Elemental Haiku Water sensual symbols reflections water fog mist Air wind breathing spirit weaving dreams cosmic life divine Earth mountain ...
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Saturday Inspiration

Saturday Inspiration Here's a cool Seventh Chakra Visualization from The Harmony Channel. In response to the ganesherocks Challenge Here are ...
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Beginning Again

Beginning Again Happy New Year Everyone & Blessings All Around! On New Years Day, I had a vision of myself ...
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Art and Healing

Art and Healing "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long ...
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Tis the Season …

Tis the Season ... Tis the season ... to be busy ... fa la la la la ... la ...
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Time to celebrate the return of the light, on this longest night of the year. I can tell you when ...
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Wall Play

Wall Play All right ... the fun begins ... in the first shot you can see the blank wall. The ...
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Destination Nirvana

Destination Nirvana In a time of universal deceit ... telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~George Orwell Why seek ...
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Off the Wall

Off the Wall Wish me luck! Tomorrow I will have my head in the clouds, literally, even if it is ...
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Bittersweet You never know what is in store for you on any given day. Friday night several of us were ...
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State of Being

State of Being The only way to assimilate the speed at which the world is moving and changing is to ...
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Imagine …

... It's been twenty six years ... hard to believe. Working Class Hero, I am the Walrus, Strawberry Fields and ...
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Chinooks, Sunday Mornings Conversations & Such

Chinooks, Sunday Mornings Conversations & Such Whoo hoo, another Chinook. In the picture you can see the high pressure bars ...
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Language of Intuition

Language of Intuition No amount of reasoning can explain that instant flash of knowing which comes upon us. Somewhere along ...
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Making It

Making It You Can Start To Win At Any Time! "To solve any problem or reach any goal, you don’t ...
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Staying Warm

Staying Warm These cats know how to keep warm. Look at those spoiled little devils! They have the warmest spot ...
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More Beans Please

More Beans Please Man it is so cold here ... and getting colder. All the Canadian winters I have survived, ...
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Being Green

Being Green It's not that easy being green; Having to spend each day the color of the leaves. When I ...
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Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire Desire for change. Irritated by the unfamiliar. Tired but unwilling to give up. Nothing like an outdoor ...
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Where the Air is Thin

Where the Air is Thin Sometimes I wonder if the lack of oxygen, living at this high altitude in Calgary ...
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The Shadow

The Shadow Shadows have always been fascinating to me. As a child I would lay in bed at night, transforming ...
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Some Days are Better than Others

Some Days are Better than Others Okay this Mercury retrograde, in some ways has been one of the worst for ...
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Getting the Groove Back

Getting the Groove Back My life has been a bit unmanageable these days, so I am struggling to regain my ...
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Insights Yes folks, it was a very full moon. I have several decent shots of it, yet this one shows ...
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Miscellaneous Moments

I finally got my camera back ... oh, yes ... minus the rechargeable batteries, of course. Talk about aggravating. Now ...
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I am trying an experiment this year for Halloween. I went out and bought a bunch of candy for the ...
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Knee Deep

Knee Deep It snowed all day yesterday, a blustery anticipatory snow, touched off by slight gusts of wind. Looks as ...
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Metaphysical Mind

Metaphysical Mind Having no body, form, or substance is the metaphysical, the nature of our reality in an abstract sense ...
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New Site News

I just discovered an interesting site. Check it out! 'FanPop' is new but I think it's going to fly. Reminds ...
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Diversion Tactics

Diversion Tactics I am seriously trying to get some work done here. Before I get started, let me share some ...
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The Human Condition

The Human Condition Our experience teaches us the only time that exists is the present. Our endeavors, if noble, can ...
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Intentionality Intentionality as it relates to philosophy of mind, allows you to create your own reality. It begins with mindfulness, ...
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Attention All Bloggers!

Stop Scrapers NOW! "Support My Idea at Cambrian House" Vote for My Idea! All right, the big buzz in the ...
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Integration What is the union of body mind and spirit? At first glance it seems to be a contradiction of ...
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Seasons I awoke to minus three Celsius this morning. The birdbath was covered in a thin layer of ice. How ...
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Wounded in Action

Wounded in Action I take my camera everywhere I go. The picture you see on the left is the last ...
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Nature of Mind

Nature of Mind Abstract Lotus 'digimanip' © dlrobinson No one can be sure of the nature of the mind. It ...
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Aspects of Reality

Aspects of Reality Art is concrete, while philosophy is abstract. My love of philosophy allows me to obtain some of ...
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Chick With A Camera

Chick With A Camera If you are ever wondering how to draw a crowd, or muster up some attention, let ...
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Busy as a Bee

Iris Photo © dl robinson All Rights Reserved As the season turns to fall, I continue on with constant change ...
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Stopped On A Dime

Stopped On A Dime 'Sunset' © dl robinson All Rights Reserved Every day something changes. A day may come for ...
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Random Acts

Random Acts Rain began pelting down, partway through running errands, last night. Carrying a lot of stuff, I struggled my ...
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Perception If you are not a visual thinker, then perhaps you rely upon your cognitive process, which is your perception ...
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Imagination Imagination is the ability to form mental images, and the source of creative mind power. It is all about ...
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The Journey

The Journey Now that change is underway in my life, I feel like a train that is finally pulling out ...
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Dropping Rain

Dropping Rain "Pool of Tears" Digital Manipulation © DLRobinson Comfort of rain streaming down like tears melancholy abound drumming soft ...
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Individualism and Intellectualism In Art

The statement "Art is an expression of progressive social consciousness and political extension" is not a common assumption in my ...
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Full Circle

Full Circle I had the privilege of going to dinner last night at the home of a couple who had ...
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A Day in the Life

Just another day in the life ... The minute I crawl out of bed, I put on a pot of ...
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I Just Had to Laugh …

I Just Had to Laugh ... Well, I have decided you can rate your blog content is by the number ...
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Wonder of Phi

Wonder of Phi New found knowledge of the golden mean, divine proportion, & the golden section based on the Greek ...
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Artistic Integrity

The world as we know it, appears to be in a state of decline. This is precisely when culture becomes ...
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Metamorphosis My Front Yard, First signs of fall are beginning to make themselves known. Trees are beginning to change colour ...
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Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds Things can be scary when you find yourself stepping into unknown territory. Where I am going has ...
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Art and Politics

Art and Politics Artists are political by being. Art is political by nature. Movements of art can change the face ...
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Someone, I won't say who, suggested I am spending too much time on the computer. Their comment suggested I am ...
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Prelude to Autumn

Prelude to Autumn Perhaps it will be a fall garden. Things are slow blooming this year, although the season started ...
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Purpose of Art

Purpose of Art Art opens a new pathway to the soul. Creativity flows from the artist, to the art, then ...
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Just Because

Just Because Life is a crap shoot ... you cannot plan the results. Who makes the rules anyway? Set goals, ...
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The Real Lowdown

As a gracious friend pointed out to me today, one of the largest roadblocks to my moving forward is p ...
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Obstacles All right faithful readers, I am still not finished my hibiscus. This one has become a huge stumbling block ...
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Creative Process: Another View

Creative Process: Another View Another view on the creative process I like is the one by Alex Gray, whose writings ...
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Creative Process

Creative Process What are the stages of the creative process? Many models exist to illustrate the process which goes on ...
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Certifiably Insane?

Certifiably Insane? You may think I am insane, when I tell you I have started yet another blog, entitled Tidbits ...
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Fresh Berries

Fresh Berries I picked these berries off of the bush in my yard. Here is the bush they come from ...
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Non-Representational Art: An Inevitability?

Non-Representational Art: An Inevitability? I was subject to a certain chain of events recently, which has really jolted me into ...
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Down by the River

Down by the River The best place to be on a super hot day is down by the river. You ...
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New Pair of Shoes

New Pair of Shoes Human beings are creatures of habit, or so it seems. Yet we are told the only ...
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Anthem A friend sent me these lyrics this morning. I found them uplifting and I hope you will too. Leonard ...
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Society and Fear

Society and Fear Walking down the street, lately I have noticed most people cannot look you in the eye. Some ...
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This week, I am feeling overwhelmed. Of course it is only me that creates more work for myself. I seem ...
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Following Your Own Path

Following Your Own Path I have always danced to the beat of my own drum, as the saying goes. Although ...
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Après le Carnaval

Après le Carnaval Après le Carnaval Les gens bons il est fini ! After the Carnival Acrylic/Canvas 18 X 24 ...
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One of the newest trends in business is Crowdsourcing which is, in less common terms, is the rise of the ...
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Solitude Acrylic/Canvas 20 X 24 WIP This is the early beginning of a new landscape I started today. Starting this ...
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State of Affairs

State of Affairs My state of affairs is in direct proportion to whatever perspective I choose to go with, at ...
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Back From the Desert

Back From the Desert Well, Drumheller Arts Festival is behind me now. It was a hectic time getting ready to ...
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Pussy Willows

Pussy Willows Pussywillows Acrylic/Canvas 10 X 20 Such a short lifespan the pussy willows have, before they go to seed ...
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This weekend I will be in Drumheller, Alberta, 'Canada's badlands', on Canada day, where I will be displaying and selling ...
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Staying Cool

Staying Cool More than one way to stay cool. Autumn Bijou ...
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Time for a new fence here, the posts are rotting, a windstorm blew over part of the fence, not so ...
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Flying Solo

Flying Solo My 'solo' poppy is coming along. Still a few more touches to do. Lightness of being, has entered ...
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No Compromise

No Compromise A new painting just started yesterday. I chose not to do an under painting, since I wanted to ...
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Intention Intention is the act of mindfully focusing on a specific purpose. Your aim guides your planned actions, to achieve ...
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My New Addiction

I am having fun experimenting with some digital techniques. This is my first attempt, which was done with a mouse, ...
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"Manifesting" (Digital Manipulation) © DLRobinson When nothing sells, it can be frustrating. I am thinking, that maybe, I am unable ...
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Gardening and Such

Gardening and Such Gardening is therapy. I love the smell of fresh dark earth, after a rain, as I inspect ...
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Still Life Experiment

Still Life Experiment Sometimes it pays to put a work away for a time, which is what I did with ...
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Magnolia work in progress. Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. ~Kahlil Gibran ...
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Art Squared

When painting on a square canvas, care must be taken to know which side is up. For a time, I ...
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Magnolia Continues

Magnolia Continues So this is really where the magnolia is. Still a work in progress. The one on the left, ...
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Inside Out

Inside Out Any guesses? I have inverted the values. Interesting to see, no? ...
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After the Carnival Continues

After the Carnival Continues Still working on this poppy, just past it's prime. As the old goes, new growth takes ...
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Magnolia WIP

Magnolia WIP Magnolia WIP Acrylic/Canvas 24 X 24 I have begun to add color to the Magnolia. My palette is ...
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After the Carnival

Here is another one I am working on. I began with an underpainting, once again. This is a sneak preview ...
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Blue Glass

Blue Glass Blue Glass Acrylic/Board 4 X 5 MIniature Art ...
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Tulips Acrylic with Knife on Canvas 12 X 16 ...
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Oil From Life

Oil From Life I decided to try my hand at oils, and this is what I came up with. I ...
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Unwrapping the Mystery

My studio is a very busy place these days. Many projects on the go, which of course, makes for a ...
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Red Sunflower Miniature

Red Sunflower Miniature I have been working on finishing up some of the minis I had started. A lot of ...
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A New Way to Shop

A New Way to Shop I am so happy to have stumbled upon Etsy. It is truly a unique shopping ...
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A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 24 This painting was done from a photograph I took, ...
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Magnolia Beginnings

Magnolia Beginnings Magnolia Grisaille 24 X 24 Although I am not finished the Hibiscus, I decided to get started on ...
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When is a painting finished? That is a subject most artists could debate for hours. I have pondered this question ...
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Trusting the Process

Not so long ago, I had no idea what long handled brushes were for. Hadn't given it a second thought, ...
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Improvisation What I really am striving for these days, is to allow my spirit to paint freely, unconfined by rules ...
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In Living Color

In Living Color Let the fun begin . . . I have already decided what I am going to call ...
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I have chosen my palette for the colors on this Hibiscus painting. I must say, it is an unusual combination ...
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Moonlight Macro

Moonlight Macro Penumbra The goal here is for the object to appear as if lit by moonlight. I will probably ...
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Hibiscus: More Umber

Hibiscus: More Umber Second Umber Layer ...
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Hibiscus: Adding Umber

Hibiscus: Adding Umber First Umber Layer ...
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Hibiscus Work in Progress

Hibiscus Work in Progress Hibiscus Acrylic on Canvas 24 X 24 Imprimatura Layer In continuing, this Hibiscus work in progress, ...
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Divine Proportion … 1.6180339887

Divine Proportion ... 1.6180339887 Extinct, as of 65 million years ago, ammonite fossils, like this one from Madagascar, can be ...
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Hibiscus Macro

Hibiscus Macro Here is a new painting I have just started working on. I am first defining values with an ...
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Lessitovka: Final Touches

Lessitovka: Final Touches Hello, my oh so patient friends . . . if you haven't given up on me by ...
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Where has the compassion gone in humankind? I know it exists out there, but it is becoming harder and harder ...
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Light is a Wonderful Thing

Light is a Wonderful Thing Light is a wonderful thing . . . to a painter that is. I am ...
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Tel’nii Podmalyovok

Tel'nii Podmalyovok Alright, now we have reached the exciting stage of adding color. This consists of two 'Tel'nii Podmalyovok' layers, ...
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Penumbra The fourth Podmalyovok, seen here, is known as the dead layer. It's aim is Penumbra, where the objects must ...
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Podmalyovok & Lessirovka

Podmalyovok & Lessirovka It looks as though the painting could have been already finished, looking at my previous post. Yet, ...
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Imprimatura All right, in continuing this work in progress, I have finished the first paint layer, also known as Imprimatura ...
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Old Classics New Mediums

Old Classics New Mediums I wanted to share with you what I am working on, at the moment. I have ...
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Purple Iris

Purple Iris Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20 ...
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Invitation Finally finished this one. Invitation Acrylic on canvas 16 X 20 ...
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Rare Bird Sighting

Rare Bird Sighting ...
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The Cosmic Dancer

The Cosmic Dancer Joseph Campbell examines a quote by Nietzsche, who said; "Freedom to pass back and forth across the ...
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Cosmic Dancer

"Freedom to pass back and forth across the world division . . . is the talent of the master. The ...
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Golden Dragonfly

Golden Dragonfly In the waning of the moon, Before the rains Golden dragonfly transparent wings sparkling in sunlight Resting on ...
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Cat Portrait

Cat Portrait Ah, such a life, is the life of a cat . . . it's a cat's life ...
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Summer Reprieve

Summer Reprieve Summer has decided to grace us with another burst of nice weather. Just when I thought I couldn't ...
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Clearing the Clutter

So many projects can go by the wayside insidiously, especially when many projects are on the go all at the ...
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Tragedy of Trends

How many times have you found the perfect thing, and when you went to replace it, were told we aren't ...
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Summer’s Grace

Summer's Grace Hollyhocks, Warm Winds, Honey Bees ...
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Almost August

Hottest day of the year up until now with scarely a breeze. Hollyhocks are beginning to bloom. August arrives tomorrow ...
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Yellow River

My latest miniature painting. Yellow River Acrylic on Board 2X3 Visit My MIniature Gallery! ...
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Cats & Curiosities

Meet my Girls. Bijou is a black Siamese, once abandoned and Autumn, a tortoiseshell Mainecoon, formerly feral. New Territories Must ...
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In The Shadows

Welcome to my blog, where you will experience my creativity in motion . . . Painting, writing, philosophy, photography, even ...
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Renaissance Soul

Renaissance Soul

Welcome to Renaissance Soul;
DeborahI am a Creative, Solopreneur who wears many hats, not all at the same time, fortunately; Artist, Muralist, Musician, Writer, Photographer, Educator, Social Media Consultant, Web Designer, WordPress Specialist. Also, a career Hairstylist, and Reiki Practitioner.

This is my home where I have combined all my businesses on one site, which is the result of years of study & practice. Herein lay my passions.

Embracing my Renaissance soul, I have integrated all I do here. Thank you for visiting. If you arrived here from my former domain which mostly focused on my art, you will still find lots of visuals here, namely my art and photography as well as a multitude of writing and other business services.

“Planting many seeds has given me a bountiful garden.” ~Deborah Robinson


Find out more.  Experienced cat sitter-check out my offerings.


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What I Do
  • Artist-Muralist-Musician-Writer-Photographer-Educator
  • Social Media Connector-Web Designer-Marketing for Small Biz
  • Stylist & Makeup Artist-Reiki-Aromatherapy-Facepainting.

I have always been independent & curious about many things, The variety keeps me going.  The best way I have found to optimize influence in our lives is to live our passion. In my case, the road always leads to this, as there is no escaping authenticity. In creating my niche, I felt it was imperative to integrate the many hats I wear. For a full list of products & services, go HERE.

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Polymath; a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas.





Let’s Work Together

Whether you are a solopreneur or a small enterprise, something here will indeed engage you. Whatever the reason for your visit, I want to help you to meet your goals. It is satisfying to share my talent, skills and knowledge with you.

Please look at my body of work & see my offerings.

Why Work With Me?

In fact, as a creative entrepreneur, I have a wealth of experience in owning and operating small businesses. I know how to deliver.

In all my dealings, I strive to work from a place of conscious business with respect and compassion. Clear interpersonal communication works for me, and I am highly intuitive. My references are excellent.

“All of my businesses function on the basis of integrity, quality and value.” ~ Deborah Robinson

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    Please use the contact form below for all inquiries. Feel free to send me questions if you have them. I do not take voice calls from area codes outside of Canada. Use the contact form to make a phone appointment with me if you have relevant business to discuss. Thank you for your understanding.

      If you are submitting a Request for Proposal, please use the form to get in touch and I will respond. A complete list of services can be found here. I hope you will find something you like. I look forward to hearing from you! Deborah Robinson; Calgary, Alberta, Canada