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My marketing experience goes back to when I was designing print ads & radio campaigns for my hair salon. Even before that, I designed flyers and business cards and painted sandwich boards for our vintage clothing store business in Vancouver’s Gastown. I found out recently that the new owner is still using the cards designed by me so long ago. My artistic talents paid off.

I have changed with the times, embracing new technology.  How wonderful it would have been to have these tools at my disposal several years back. Regardless of the times, the message remains the same. It comes down to people, and I am an intuitive marketer who can help you to create a presence. I have a proven track record of being on the social web for more than ten years.

And I love the web!

Creating good content is just the beginning. As a creative entrepreneur, I know it can be a challenge to find time to manage all the small details. You will want to make sure your event is well attended and everything comes off smoothly.

For your upcoming event, conference or webinar, why not let me be your extra set of hands? I can help with organizing, promotion & email campaigns. Working from my home office or your place of business, I can liaise with your vendors, sponsors & partners.

A conference or event is a great opportunity to connect and to grow your network. I will design a social media strategy and also manage your social media before, during & after your event. #LiveTweet is a great way to bring it all together, with lasting positive effects for you & your organization.


Small Business Support

Small Business Support

Connection • Engagement • Presence

I want to offer you small business support to help you to achieve business success by engaging with your target market.  Small business support is my specialty.  Through social media and a good website with relevant content, you can build your brand and stand out. Self-directed, my business was built from the ground up, and I have spent a lot of time studying what works for small businesses.

Equally important is my practical experience. I know what it’s like to take the risk. It is what sets you apart from others. You’ve invested everything. Let’s collaborate as professionals, so you can meet your goals. A second set of eyes and hands is sometimes what you need to go to the next level. I can offer fresh start assistance, or build on what you have started.

By placing service and value above all, I have found business success, and I want success for you too. You may also have internal struggles that need solutions. Interpersonal relations in business and customer service solutions is a specialty. I have dealt with people from every walk of life and understand the nuances and the motivators of both employees & customers.

Before we can talk about marketing, we want to make sure the groundwork is in place. With a strong foundation, you can ensure the longevity of your organization. Many small businesses do not make it to the five-year mark for a variety of reasons. The current economic climate, and the pandemic, has been challenging. Of those who held on for so long, some just couldn’t make the long haul.

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail”. ~Benjamin Franklin

See the ENGAGE MY SERVICES page to find out what’s in it for you.

Web Design

Web Design

An online presence builds credibility.  Allow me to create a home for you on the web. In working with you to determine your web design needs, your website is custom designed for you, organizing your content effectively, while providing an intuitive user experience.

The web design needs to reflect the values and focus of your business. We will work together on developing achievable solutions within a reasonable time frame. My goal is to provide you with the tools to reflect your business in the best way possible. I do the research to provide you with a cutting edge strategy.

A website’s beauty is not skin deep. Many hours go on in the back end to achieve functionality to deliver what you see on the web. This content management system has many advantages, including SEO, content management, and a slick user experience when configured correctly. I will ensure the website is secure and loads quickly. OF course this is not your only option. We will do what best suits your requirements.

Although I can code a website from scratch using html5/css3, when using a content management system WordPress is my choice. To deliver a fast loading, easily navigated site for a smooth user experience. I have done the research on third party plugins. This is a system you can update yourself and I can show you how. Or I can maintain it for you.


Deborah Robinson Dot com

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What to Expect

First we will define the project scope, then move into the design & development phase, and then to the final delivery. To get started, fill out the form on my ENGAGE SERVICES page.

What you’ll Get
  • A site designed to your specifications
  • Simple content system you can update yourself
  • Social media integration
  • Recommendations; site hosting, framework & security
  • Website Training
  • Social media coaching & management
  • Monthly maintenance plans available for an extra fee
  • Maintenance clients receive monthly tips newsletter

“Deborah is an extremely talented artist, musician and website designer. I was incredibly fortunate when Deborah offered to take over the creation of my website. Deborah has the skills, knowledge and abilities for a diverse group of marketing, including but not limited to all social media.
Deborah’s intuition and innate ability to explore and collaborate were a pleasure to work with. Deborah’s passion for defining the person are shown in the time she takes when designing a particular piece whether it is art, music or a recording. These are clearly portrayed in her website designs. I would encourage anyone to seek Deborah Robinson and highly recommend her.”
~Jen Young

“Deborah really cares and works with her heart. She is professional, quick and very creative. A joy to work with.”
~Lucinda Drayton

“We have had the pleasure of knowing Deborah Robinson for five years. Our relationship began while she was assisting with a large online website and community of a humanitarian and consciousness awakening nature, with over 6000 members. Her abilities were so advanced that she soon became a lead administrator on all of our sites. Deborah built our latest site from scratch and is administrating this site exclusively. We have over the years come to rely on her incredible expertise in programming, web building, web design, forums, blogs, wikis and all aspects of promotion and networking integration. She is constantly aware of new trends and technologies and has a keen sense on what will work. There is no one else we would turn to as not only are her technical skills great, moreover, her leadership and personal skills are exceptional.”
~Richard Bernard Wigley & Annette Marie Laporte Wigley

Social Media Strategy

Social Media

I am a connector.
Hire me to tell the story of your brand.
Empower your business through social media.
Social Media Coaching & consulting.

Who is managing your social media strategy? Creating your web design and content? Maybe it’s a new website you are after, or you need marketing assistance for your small business or event. Did the search results bring you here?

You know you need to be on Social Media, but have no idea where to start. I specialize in supporting your event or business through blogging, social media, marketing, web design and writing relevant content for search engine optimization (SEO). Delegating these tasks is a way to give yourself time to do what you do best.

So many have a great product or services to sell yet may have no time left over to promote themselves. You’ve spent a lot of time developing your vision. You want to market yourself effectively, so you can engage your target customer. Managed effectively, you will have a strategy for success driving traffic to your site, thereby increasing your profits. Be ready for your audience when they find you.

Every business has a story, and you need to get your name out there. With a proven track record of more than ten years of being connected on the web. I have blogged for more than ten years. My Twitter following is well-developed and active daily. I am on almost every social network, and so I can set you up on any platform(s) that is suitable for your business or event.

I will design a strategy to engage your target audience, set up and monitor your accounts, as well as coach you in maintaining your presence by showing you how to increase your follower counts. As a content creator, I seldom run out of something to say. Your story needs telling.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram … & more …

Social Live: Social media coordinating for events.
Branch out and find your people on the web.