Chinooks, Sunday Mornings Conversations & Such

Chinooks, Sunday Mornings Conversations & Such

chinookWhoo hoo, another Chinook. In the picture you can see the high pressure bars in the sky. The weather during a Chinook reminds me of the descriptions of early spring in a Jack London book. Despite the warmer temperatures, my bones still feel chilled.

I barely slept last night, as I spent most of yesterday trying to sleep off a huge headache. Lightheaded, irritable, and restless … migraine headaches and sleeplessness, are frequent symptoms of these Chinooks. I need a warm climate.

What a laugh. This morning I had a call from a guy wanting to rent my garage. I had placed an ad. Fortunately, I happened to say, “Oh you need a place to park?”


He says, “No,” while I am hanging on the other end of the line wondering what the ….?

Then he says, “We are looking for a practice spot for our band.”

Couldn’t see myself, but I know my eyes got big as saucers picturing how popular I would suddenly become with my neighbours. “Well, I understand,” I said. “I used to be a musician.”

“Used to be?” he says in a what’s up wit’ that type of tone.

“Not doing much these days though,” unwilling to say, yeah well, I played in rock bands thirty years ago.

“What did you play?” The voice at the other end cajoled me.

“Piano, guitar … you know … so well … I completely understand, of course, well, it’s not heated, so that probably wouldn’t work out.”

“Yeah well we had a place but the guy wants to use it for his motor bike now. We’re loud.” He adds,

Unable to help myself, I just had to add, “Strange use for a garage, eh?” He laughed.

“Sorry I couldn’t help you out, buddy. Good luck.”

I never dreamt in a million years someone would be eyeballing my ad looking for anything else but a parking spot.

Most expensive parking in Canada, Calgary is. Couple of hours downtown will put a dent in your pocket for about twenty bucks. I could buy a week’s groceries with that!

Well … almost. I am still chuckling.

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