Continuous Flow

Lush BrushThank you all for your kind words of encouragement. Now I am beginning the dead layer. Like a rabbit hopping from place to place, adjustments are made as I see fit.

I have often admired artists who can start in one area of the canvas, moving systematically to completion. However, this does not seem to be me, so I will work in the way which is comfortable.

Miramazing expressed interest in this technique, so I would like to direct her, and anyone else who wants to read more about this classical painting technique, to the website of artist Alexei Antonov where I first discovered this.

He has done an amazing job of reviving long forgotten techniques of classical painting. And his paintings are very beautiful. When my new found abundance rolls in, I shall purchase all of his technique videos.

lush peony paintingSo this is my progress so far on the dead layer. Much more to do yet on this layer, two feet by three feet is a large area to cover. When this layer is done, the fun part will begin. Glazing over the various values with colour tonalities is one of my favourite parts.

So what have I learned thus far? I can create beautiful things when I open myself to the flow. The flow comes from alignment within me. Each phase of creating has its merits, as does the light, the dark and in between. The only thing that exists is what I have created for myself. I will post more as soon as I have more to show.

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