Venus MoonIn case anyone didn’t get to see Venus in the Western sky around sunset last night, here a shot I managed to capture. Since I had forgotten all about it, the opportunity was purely by chance.

We are in the final countdown to the concert … which explains my absence from the blog-o-sphere. Many many details to cover, as the date draws close. It is going to be fabulous, although the jury was out earlier this week, on whether I would have the energy to attend.

And if that is not enough, I have been working on a huge mural for a design firm, which is featured in their designer showroom. The mural is only part of the environment which is being created, which also has waterfalls, salt water aquariums, and a beach floor. I would love to show you a picture, yet I won’t be able to since it is not my design.

Suffice to say I am painting rocks, waterfalls & moss on a super large scale. A lot of area to cover, I am enjoying it immensely. The first thing that struck me was how I love working in that environment. And what was going through my head was, “I am a working artist!” Fantastic. Not only am I doing something I love,the artist who has employed me is highly skilled, so I am learning new things everyday.

As the greenery and blooms expand all around, I am consciously overflowing with gratitude, reveling in the blessings being bestowed on me by the universe.

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