Destination Nirvana

Destination Nirvana

In a time of universal deceit …
telling the truth is
a revolutionary act.
~George Orwell

BuddhaWhy seek the truth? How is it that so many of the great minds have spent lifetimes looking for the answer to that eternal question? A universal set of truths and values are common to all peoples and cultures.

I believe that all religions are merely different roads to the same place. It doesn’t matter what you believe. When your belief is strong, then there is no need to to prove it is correct, nor to attempt to convert others to your beliefs. Conviction needs no justification.

Trying to convince others your way is the only way, is a futile pastime. Focus on yourself instead. What you believe is what you will become. Perhaps an important reason to seek the truth. Beliefs are only real to the one who holds them. From belief emerges truth. Truth is universal.


One of the distinctions of our modern world is the great majority are looking outside themselves for fulfillment. If we base our life on illusion of self and ego, then the final outcome is usually not what we had hoped for in our heart of hearts. What becomes evident as a result of this approach, is a life of misery and suffering.

Leaving our old life behind takes some serious spiritual work. We are going to need to develop tools to build a new life for ourselves. Our society of chronic discontent has a long way to go before realizing the extinction of dissatisfaction. A switch in values is long overdue. Your affections, passions and material possessions are illusions you have created to fill your emptiness.

Prosperity and abundance are not necessarily tangible things. Success is defined as gaining fame and prosperity to a great many. Not all success is about money and notoriety, in fact au contraire. Material success is a byproduct of our purpose, not what we were meant to strive for. If we want to find true happiness, the desire must be found to get on the path. Using the old tools we had developed as a result of beliefs attained during our domestication process is sure to exemplify suffering. These tools are no longer useful in our present existence.

natureDesire for happiness in this society more closely resembles hedonism. The problem with this philosophy is the end result produced may be very bleak. Without substance beyond material assets, the day will arrive when the reflection in the mirror is nothing but an empty shell. We are left standing in isolation, unfulfilled. If you know for certain your desire for a new life exists, then the capacity to be honest is a good starting point. From the ashes of your misery could rise a new world. Let go of the reins opting instead for the seat of the soul. Give yourself to the unknown.

Our environmental conditioning is a major factor in the life we know today. It doesn’t occur to us, until we are writhing in severe pain, mostly self-inflicted, to re-examine our lives. A rude awakening indeed, when we discover it is ourselves who have to change. The problem is not the world after all, as we had previously perceived.

Mostly, our awareness is concerned with the what we can see hear and touch. Operating from a physical perspective, we huff and puff, trudge along until we get it done. What if we were to allow unseen forces to come in and create a synergy which could transform your world? Work would be light and effortless when we free ourselves of the burdens which hinder us.

Your general circumstances can transform into something beyond what you dreamed and from there propel you forward. Many think Nirvana does not appear to be on earth. Yet it is within. Looking externally it will continually evade us. Though not materially evident, we cannot see it, yet we cannot disprove its existence.

CosmosNirvana is a life free of suffering. For many of us, that is a steep ladder to climb. We have embraced suffering, unaware other possibilities exist. Stressed out, people are looking for a quick fix to feel good. But the dark hole inside is never satisfied nor fulfilled. When operating from that level, the internal abyss widens, many slip through the cracks.
Synchronize yourself with the truths of nature. Stop and feel the wind blowing gently through you. Metaphorically speaking, we can use this type of symbolism to design our new life. Going out to find yourself, is sure to yield disappointment. Instead build yourself, the person you were meant to be. Construct your life, much like a mason builds a house. Visualize where you want to be.

Finding the path of least resistance, traveling light, will
increase the chances and speed in which you can arrive at your
destination. Dare to be swept up by the upward spiral by letting go.
Accept the gifts the universe has in store for you. We can catch a glimpse of the divine through meditation, stillness of heart and mind.

Infinite numbers of these gifts go unopened, elapsing, unclaimed for an entire lifetime. Many lives are wasted on trivial things. Allow yourself to collect the precious gifts which await you. Do not lose sight of the big picture. Live life in the now, and live to the fullest. The present moment is all that exists. Give freely, awaken to the inner peace which is Nirvana. Destination Nirvana would bring the end of suffering.


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