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Welcome. Some of you may have been directed here from my old domain. This is the new home for BluMoonArt DOT Com.

Fine Art by Artist Deborah Robinson

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It is my privilege to use my special gifts and talents to create beauty and to share this knowledge with others, as others have done with me. If you appreciate my art, consider investing in a piece for yourself. I can also be commissioned to do something specific for you. Owning a piece of original art is a special investment that you can cherish for years to come. To see my art, visit my Galleries.

I work in pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolour, oils and acrylic. Keeping an art journal on a regular basis is one of my goals. Plein air painting is a fine accompaniment to my love of nature. Taking advantage of the short summer season we have here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada I enjoy going to a serene spot, setting up my easel and creating art out of doors. I have been known to sketch in my car while temperatures plummet, not just here, but in the Arctic as well. Here we are fortunate to be surrounded by world renown beautiful scenery, from foothills to mountains to lakes and rivers.

As well as being a miniature artist, I also paint large scale works, murals, environments and theme development. Many artists who do large scale works are also known to create miniatures as well. There must be something to the expression, “Go big, or stay home.”




Lux, Calgary AB 2018
30 Years of Art: An NWT Arts Council Exhibit, Prince of Wales Heritage Centre, YK, NT
Caprices Fine Art Show & Musical Performance Inglewood 2014
Caprices Fine Art Show & Sale Inglewood 2013
Calgary Public Library, Petals, Birds & Branches Sept. 2012
Priddis Valley Gardens, Show & Sale, June 2011, Priddis, AB
Priddis Valley Gardens, Show & Sale, June 2010, Priddis, AB
ArtPoint Main Gallery ‘Vision-An Inner Journey’, April 2010, Cal., AB
ArtPoint Upstairs Salon ‘Transmutation’ , October 2009, Cal., AB
Independent Show & Sale, Spring Hotchpotch, April 2008, Cal., AB
Independent Show & Sale, Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Open Studio Visits Calgary, Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Murals Private Residences Calgary, AB
Commissions Calgary, AB


Murals Urban Interiors, Calgary, AB
Art Fair Drumheller, AB
Artisan Show, Calgary, AB
Studio Parallel, Yellowknife, NWT
Prince of Wales Heritage Centre International Woman’s Day Exhibition, Yellowknife, NWT


Association of Miniature Artists