Following Your Own Path

Following Your Own Path

cloud-tracksI have always danced to the beat of my own drum, as the saying goes. Although I have had some successes, there have also been low points. Some of my difficulties have arisen, from being unable to conform. Society does not support non-conformists.


If you choose, like I did, to be a non-conformist, if in fact it is a choice, then you will soon find out, that it is the road less traveled, with many a rocky crag along the way. People who do not conform, are seen by society through mistrustful eyes, and rarely supported.In the idealistic times of my younger years, convinced I was bombproof, I took a reckless approach to things. Growing up in a time when being anti-establishment was the norm, it became a way of life for me.

Many of my peers found financial security, married raised families, while all that time I’ve had other commitments. Though it is funny that when you are on your own, people assume you are so footloose and fancy free. Always artistic, I have been dedicated to the arts, music was my life for a very long time, now I have learnt to paint, and I enjoy the solitude. I prefer the quiet, to the massive cogwheel out there, which I try avoid whenever possible.

To do so, has involved sacrifice, made me the subject of envious gazes and misconceptions too, yet also it has had its rewards. Some have no idea what it means to be completely self-sufficient for thirty plus years, especially as a female in this society. Yet I am comfortable with the fact that I did exactly as I wanted to, and it was a surprise to me that my approach was unusual.

I have been fortunate to have supportive friends along the way. The idea that you could get everything you need from one sole entity seemed absurd. Many I have talked to did what they thought was expected of them, when that thought had never really occurred to me.

That is what makes for an interesting world, all of us being so different. I have been comfortable following my own path, although I am not sure where that leads from here. It is the journey that counts, right?  Enjoy the ride, with any luck, along the way, freedom will be one of the byproducts.

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