For the Birds

OspreyNear the Bow river we have Ospreys nesting. I swung by there today to see if I would be lucky enough to see them. This one was waiting for me, and stretched his wings, as I pulled out the camera.

They prefer the tall power poles, which gives then an excellent vantage point near the river. A chain link fence prevented me from getting any closer.

Northern Flicker N RobinLast week, sharing the birdbath with a robin, was this Northern Flicker-a type of woodpecker. I had a smaller downy woodpecker in the yard last week too, but didn’t have my camera with me.


Cat Remorse


This black cat of mine, Bijou, is not exactly a proud hunter. She arrived at the back door, with two baby birds in her mouth.

Fancy footwork was required to maneuver myself to the back door before she could take them into the house.

Instead she deposited them on the back deck. The other cat, Autumn, appears to be scolding her for raiding the nest in the cedars.  Apparently I was not the only one saddened by her actions, though I know it is her instinct.

Deer CrossingA friend and I drove to Bragg Creek last weekend, and laid on the sand on the riverbank of the Elbow River.

Although much ice was still on the river, the sun was warm for a time. It was our good fortune to see these deer crossing the newly opened water, undisturbed by our presence.

This has been one of the longest springs I can remember. A few sprigs of green adorn the otherwise desolate looking gardens. Since these shots were taken, I have shoveled yet more snow. Things will look up as the week wears on, evident in the changeable skies.

My energy has been subdued, leaving me in resting mode. Yes I am reading your blogs, haven’t had the energy to comment, but will soon. Cleaning my studio, while trying to decide what to paint next, is one of the few things I have accomplished over the last few days.

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