Full Circle

Full Circle

iris wipI had the privilege of going to dinner last night at the home of a couple who had purchased my ‘Purple Iris’ painting. They wanted me to see it framed.

Good conversation, in a relaxed setting, we enjoyed an amazing meal of West Indian curry.

Although I had known these people for sometime, this was the first opportunity we’d had to socialize.

When I saw it hanging in it’s place of honour, all I could say was, “Wow, did I do that?” Their love for the work, was obvious as we observed the way the light was reflected when viewing from different angles. I was in awe.

Then to my delight I was asked to do a mural in their son’s room. I had been wanting to paint some murals. What a perfect place to start. The six year old began to expound upon the plans, which grew more complicated by the minute.

So I asked him if he would like to help. He nodded yes, and I told him I would bring by some plans, that we could go over, to make sure it was what he wanted. That seemed to satisfy him.

What an honor to have experienced this. I could see how pleased they were to have this piece in their home. Knowing the happiness this painting had brought them, I could never again be selfish enough to have regrets about passing my work on.

After all, the purpose of art is to communicate. Seeing the process come full circle stirred in me a satisfaction no words can describe. It truly took my breathe away.

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