witchI am trying an experiment this year for Halloween. I went out and bought a bunch of candy for the little ghouls. Now it turns out I will be at work. Poor things have to figure out a way to get their costumes on
over their winter coats!

cat moon

SO …

I shall leave a bowl on the porch, with a note:

“Sorry I can’t come to the door right now.
Please help yourself, make sure to leave
some for somebody else!”


I will have my neighbour
keep an eye out, so he
can report back to me.

purple ghost

This should be interesting.
Oh, how I would love to
be a fly on the wall.
Happy Halloween!

black cat

B O O !

Special note…to those who commented on this post previously. I did not delete you comments … I deleted the post by accident, pieced it back together … but your comments went down with the original.

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