Happy New Year!

Winter WonderlandHappy New Year! Lake Louise is a beautiful place.

Not an unhappy face could be seen in the crowd. Even when overcast, as it was while we were there, it is a winter wonderland. My brother and I cross country skied while my niece went snowboarding. Look at what I met on the ski trail around Lake Louise! Horse drawn sleighs, three teams in all. What a beautiful sight. I have to step aside while on my skis to let them pass.

Horses on Ski TrailHorse Drawn Sleigh

Waterfall FrozenIce Climber






Toward the end of the trail was this beautiful waterfall. Amazing how the water appears to have frozen midstream. The turquoise colour is from the minerals in the rock. If you’ve been to Lake Louise, or to many of the mountain lakes in this area in the summer, the water flows a beautiful turquoise emerald colour.

In the second photo, toward the lower left corner, you can see a guy who is climbing this waterfall. Two skiers we met, who claimed to be climbers said they would never attempt such a feat. It certainly drew plenty of attention from onlookers passing by.
Ice CastleIce Queen

Adding to the truly magical atmosphere was this ice castle on the lake in front of the Chateau. Two rinks, one for skating, and the other for hockey accommodated everyone. Of course our day ended in Banff with a soak in the mineral springs, followed by a lovely dinner.

What a fantastic way to start the new year! Wishing all of you the very best for 2008! Happy New Year!!!

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