Blue UmbrellaImagination is the ability to form mental images, and the source of creative mind power. It is all about images … images … images.

Inspiration and the stuff that dreams are made of, come from the imagination. On occasion, I have mentioned my experience of seeing images on the big screen in my mind’s eye.

Puzzled, some had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently this is not the experience of all. Georgia O’Keeffe, has been noted to say she remembers seeing images, as a tiny child in her crib, pictures in the shadows on the wall, shapes, colours, shadows, light. Where does this come from?


For some, imagination can be interpreted as being impractical, seeking more rational thought in beliefs. For those of us who deal in terms of the arts, imagination it is an absolute necessity. Transposing imagination to the method of expression can be a difficult process, the ever long challenge of the artist. We all see things differently. Something that is pleasurable to one viewer, another may find disturbing.

We are bombarded with images in this information age, a distraction from our own ability to conjure up images. The retina, part of the brain which connects to brain pathways, is the doorway to the mind’s eye. Images have the power too affect human physiology. We and all around us in the physical sense are energy. Most of us have the power to alter our own brain chemistry, unless we have some sort of developmental, or mental disability.

Perception is not imagination. It is a cognitive process by which we process information. We all process information differently and we see many different learning styles. So imagine people who are taken up by television, video games and so on. Do these images affect the cognitive process? I believe it can, especially if it takes place in the window of opportunity. What we expose ourselves to, becomes our reality.

Some artists develop their technical skills first, then begin to express and communicate those ideas to others through their art. Others find pure expression first, approaching the work fearlessly, unconcerned with technical details. The desire must be there. For me, I had strong desire, yet I was not sure what I wanted to express in my work.

In the beginning, I was overly concerned with technical details. Now I try to translate these images from my into a works of art. The channel is opening up, after many years of incubation. My awareness of the message I want to communicate through my art, is now becoming apparent. This has taken a long time. What wonderful magic worth waiting for!

Many believe the senses do not play a role in imagination. If I paint a picture for you, in your minds eye, will you able to feel those sensations? I believe you can. Perhaps through recall your brain can send messages to the sensing part of you. With imagination anything is possible. Try this.

Water StonesClose your eyes, and picture a beach, with warm waves lapping at the shore, smelling the salt of the ocean. Let the sand run through your fingers.

Feel the warm sand underfoot, while the sun warms your back and shoulders. Then feel the summer breeze blow through you, your hair brushing your face. Walk along the wet sand at low tide, and feel the cool, smooth, sponginess underfoot.

Creative visualization works. You can take yourself to any place you want to be. It may take some practice. Choosing where we want to be, by envisioning, can impact our future. The steps of creative visualization, as described by Shakti Gawain in her classic book “Creative Visualization”.

Set your goal.
Create a clear picture or idea.
Focus on it often.
Give it positive energy.

When we picture something positive, blissful, our mantra which we use to quiet ourselves, we can alter our state. When we act upon these mental images it empowers us to make changes in our lives, and most often the lives of others. We are all interconnected.

digimanip © 2006
dl robinson

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dl robinson



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