In Like A Lion

Inglewood BridgeMarch arrived in gusty grandeur. In like a lion, winds rattled squeaky doors, whipping anything which was not tied down, taking up ladies skirts and turning men’s hats into flying saucers.

Birds soar madly, in the advantageous up currents of the wind’s power.

In FlightNot the least bit unsettling these winds, my longing for spring wins out. Already the light has increased substantially.

Time edges us forward, arousing hibernating reluctant souls.

Stagnant spaces cleared and fresh with spring energy abound.

Pink BougainvilleaThese two bougainvillea paintings were just completed and are en route to St Kits in the Caribbean.

Never having seen these flowers in person, I must confess these were done from reference photos. The new owner of these paintings was very pleased with my rendition.

Red Bougainvillea I hope to see some bougainvillea one day first hand. I will miss my friends dearly, yet I am so happy for the new life they are embarking upon.

I wish them nothing but the best.

It takes courage to follow your dreams.

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