Baby Robins







With the increase of the light, things are expanding around here. I managed to capture feeding time. This proud Mom is very attentive, as is the father. They take turns tending the babes, and feeding. Fascinating to watch, as the cats can attest to.

The house painting continues, but may be delayed by rain. I sure hope the forecast is wrong as rain is called for all week. Loud chatter of the sparrows, a harbinger of rain, diminishes my hopes of sunshine. It would be nice to get it done, so work can commence on the garden.

Bee BalmUnfortunately ladders and gardens do not mix well, and so my garden has taken a beating, due to heavy traffic in the wrong areas.

Despite heavy guarding, two out of the three peony plants I put in last year have been damaged. However this is coming up on the other side, which I think is bee balm that I planted last year.

Bamboo Cutting SupportProgress continues on my wall hanging project. I have cut the support to size, and have taped it to the wall upstairs, where I have high enough ceilings.

The subject is sketched out and paint set out on the palette. I begin marking in with paint. This is blue bamboo, a variety which originated in the Himalayas. What a lovely subject to work on!

Bamboo is a symbol of expansion and abundance.

Bamboo SketchedBamboo WalhangingBamboo Blue Beginning

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