full moonYes folks, it was a very full moon. I have several decent shots of it, yet this one shows the most detail. No fancy tricks with the photo editor here. What you see is what I saw, when I snapped the photo.

Pleased to have my camera back, I wandered through the neighbourhood, as the moon rose, in my overcoat and slippers. I sometimes wonder, and wonder if others do too! Hey, whatever it takes, right?

For intriguing insights into the planets, moon and stars, you may want to check out kaliyugashaktimama, where you can read about the Frost Moon and much more. My path continues, each day presenting new challenges, as well as unexpected gifts. Today was a day on fast forward. As soon as the chain of events was set in motion , no chance remained of turning back. I went with the flow, consequently, nearly running out of time for all that needed to be done.

My day’s events turned when I stopped for coffee I spent two hours talking with a guy down on his luck.


I know he thought I must have fallen from the clouds by the end of our conversation. He had a slight look of amazement with what came out of my mouth. In fact, it amazed me as well. This was a fellow who was sick & of being sick & tired, seemingly without hope. My arrival was unknowing synchronicity. His eyes told the story of a decent person with broken dreams. He told me he had been formerly a business owner, who had lost everything, including his wife and children, finding himself homeless.

We had a good discussion. I remember saying, he was not meant to stay on the streets. While giving him some suggestions for how he might beat the odds, he eagerly took a few notes. A glimmer of hope, on a dreary day, like so many other days, this person, with a great capacity for honesty, needed only a slight bit of encouragement.

This particular state of affairs could happen to absolutely anyone. In fact, the judgemental non-compassionate ones, ought to really stop and think. Perhaps they will have a lesson to learn as well. My wish for him, and all the others, is that things will turn around. You see, the people you find on the streets … never ever started out to be there in the first place.

For current news about poverty and homelessness be sure to have a look at Kelly’s Call For Action Blog. And to my friend Neil … may you find a new monitor soon!

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