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blood moon

Pensive gradual descent into the cool mist, penumbra moon, encircled by a ring of light, colder weather to come. Floorboards creak underfoot with a groan.

The fog was thick the few nights surrounding the last full moon. And now the new moon has passed too and now it is full again.

It is hard to believe we are three quarters through November. The morning bright light seems too early, since the time change, and evening chill creeps in like a fox. Winter has arrived dry snow crunches loudly underfoot. It held off longer than I would have thought possible, so I will not complain. I got the bulbs dug out last Sunday and the rain barrel emptied just in time for winter to arrive Monday.

winter geese

These geese flew overhead this morning, complaining loudly.They were headed southeast. Can you blame them?

Though I do my best to bring light to the darkest moments, it does not seem sufficient at times.

I’ve had a glimpse, so I continue, though returning to my true nature turns out to be a taller order than I had ever imagined.

The journey back to wellness has been a steep climb, a treacherous path where it is easy to lose one’s footing.


Current state of affairs; I have not painted for six months. This has been my home for six years. I am looking for a new residence, as the owners are returning from abroad.

I will have many fond memories from this place. The cats and I have loved the neighbourhood, the yard, the garden, birds and the big trees.

Hope I can find something with as much character and with wonderful neighbours like I currently have. Another tall order.

Moving will help to shift the energy. Things cannot remain the same. I remind myself of the commitment to rewrite my story, unveiling authenticity. It is like untangling a ball of twine, allowing all to unfold. Evolution is inevitable.

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