IntegrationWhat is the union of body mind and spirit? At first glance it seems to be a contradiction of terms. Integration is a noble pursuit, we aim for in order to be a vibrant well-balanced human being.

We spend a good part of our early life wondering whether to listen to the head or the heart. Do you follow your gut instinct or do you rely on logical thought? When I was younger, this was an eternal battle. Trying to decide which was right.

Now I know the gut instinct is never wrong. One still needs to access things logically to afford ourselves integration of all the components of ourselves. A shift in our consciousness occurs we we reach beyond the comfort zone, transcending from earthly materialism to forces which exist outside our natural world. It is only fear that holds us back.


The truth is, an undercurrent exists of people involved in seeking spiritual fulfillment. Some are aware of this shift in human consciousness and have the desire to reach supernatural non materialism …. people are searching for something beyond the physical world. This concept was discussed in the book “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, written in 1980. It describes a shift of consciousness, moving away from organized religion, to a new set of values and beliefs.

At this time the majority of society’s focus is on looking to external conditions. It promotes the idea we can satisfy the bottomless pit of yearning by looking outside ourselves. This black hole that can never be filled by looking outside oneself. Seems modern society has put the cart before the course. No satisfaction can ever exist at the end of this sort of quest.

How can we find our way to the place we can be in touch with metaphysical realm? We are not physical beings who are spiritual. We are spiritual beings in physical form. Science does not condone the belief in unseen forces without proof. The saving grace of the humanity is in knowing there is more out there than what we see at face value.

We come into the world alone, and we die alone. Somewhere in between we need to be able to interact and exist within human bounds. Developing the spiritual aspect becomes important when we realize it may be the only true form of existence.

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