amberIntentionality as it relates to philosophy of mind, allows you to create your own reality. It begins with mindfulness, awareness. One must examine underlying thoughts and beliefs to better understand ourselves. Our thoughts are a result of our own values and beliefs, which often must be changed if you are to change your reality. In order to understand your intention you must examine your beliefs. Many of us have beliefs from our childhood which have remained with us. Unfortunately these are not the tools required to survive in an adult world.

Instead of looking to find ourselves, we build who we are.
Without the proper tools, your final result is likely to contain shoddy workmanship. By operating on yesterday’s beliefs you may find yourself coming up against that brick wall, time and time again. Thinking patterns are deeply ingrained. If you can change your thinking & your behaviour, then other things in your life can change. Taking the same approach you’ve always taken to solving problems, will yield the same results.


Expectations create disappointment as they reach beyond our capabilities and the capabilities of others. So we are let down. Alignment of body, mind, and soul must be integrated in order to focus on soul consciousness. Our inner being is the part of you known only to you. It is the inner flame, the essence of life, which must be protected and nurtured. Many have experienced damage to this part of ourselves earlier in life. It is necessary to heal those wounds if we are to move forward.

Although no one is inspired at all times, great transformations are possible. Always evolving ensures our well being and our psychic awareness. As the human race evolves, so do we on an autonomous level. This is what enables us to connect on a spiritual level with others. Once we become whole within ourselves, we are capable of integrating ourselves with others on a deeper level.

Boundaries are a necessity for healthful relationships. Our centre is known to us as the inner core of our vitality. Intimate relationships are with people who know the most about us. And on the outer edge of the circle are the people we know less well. Then the crowd lies somewhere beyond the outer edge.

We can develop our understanding, awareness, compassion and empathy for our fellow human being by nurturing ourselves. What do you hope for? Let your intention enable you to manifest whatever your desire. You will expand outwards. The journey does not end. We constantly strive for betterment for ourselves and our fellow human beings.

One hand moves the entirety of all the molecules in the universe. Our intention affects everything around us and beyond. What we put out, multiplies in a snowball effect. Giving is returned tenfold. Before you take action, be sure of your intention. Be mindful of what you want to manifest.

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