For Creation Sake

view-from-hereA month goes by fast! With my show in the final week; I am already planning a larger show for the main gallery at ArtPoint in April 2010. There is still time to view the current show this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

In the meantime I decided to loosen up and do a bit of fun stuff, while I hold the energy for what is to come. The colour in this landscape are not showing up well here at all. Even photo-shop could not save me. Some pigments just do not photograph well. The mountains have more of a purple tone in real life. This canvas is 8″ X 36″; a size which I have never tried before now.

It is the part of the creative process that I used to think of it as the incubation phase, Yet is a type of holding, while all the pieces are assembled psychically one embodies the essence. The energies collect, creating focus which eventually gives way to form. Before that, it is a gestation period. Clarity of mind before the brush touches canvas is a wonderful thing.

As time goes on, I am not concerned with selling or even what other people think-just interested in the joy of creating. Creation for creation sake. What a concept!

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