Language of Intuition

Language of Intuition

Intuitive CloudsNo amount of reasoning can explain that instant flash of knowing which comes upon us.  Somewhere along the line, following our intuition became an invalidity passed off as something slight, squelched by those who wanted absolute proof. Balancing intuition with reasoning is necessary in order to stay grounded so we may find structure and balance, otherwise things can run awry. If it is not possible to do this, we may find ourselves on the verge of malfunctioning.

The language of Intuition is a vital component of creativity as it manifests imagery and symbolism. It is experienced sometimes in dreams, waking states and through life’s events. Intuition is a language unto itself and a source of inspiration and guidance. When in tune with it, we are connected to the divine power of the universe. We feel inspired. Lifted up by a natural high which is unmatched by anything else you will ever experience.


The ability to immediately know in our subconscious, is a guide for the soul. We are transporting us to a higher state of consciousness. That sudden flash of insight comes from the divine. Some prefer to label intuition a gut feeling. Yet my perception tells me ‘gut feeling’ is more of an instinct which operates from the basic survival level. Gut feeling infers to me something physical, that which originates from the depths of survival.

This response can also be fear induced, tricking us into believing that we are really in tune while we are projecting something else entirely. If we want to find enlightenment, then we must to go beyond the basic level of needs, as described in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Operating from the survival instinct does not enable us to be in touch with our own power. Letting the flow go through you is more spiritually based, a way of taking back that power you let slide through your hands, into the hands of others.

In saying this I do not wish to discount the physical changes which actually occur at different vibrational levels. We can change the physical just as quantum physics/quantum mechanics can heal us. All that surrounds us is what determines our outcome and forms our reality in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The energy of the higher vibrations, if channeled, becomes a powerful state of consciousness. When in tune with our intuition we are operating from a higher vibrational energy. It is healing energy connecting us to the divine power of the universe. Once enabled to be at one with ourselves and others, we allow ourselves to be healed.

The vital role intuition plays in our personal vision also aids the choices we make. And that alone can take us to a higher state of consciousness. The results are immediate. When that flash of ‘knowing’ comes upon us it helps us to find meaning. It is there we can find guidance for our daily choices. Finding our purpose requires foresight. By employing the wisdom of our higher self, we can manifest our purpose, if we are able to let go of the old.

The importance of finding purpose and insight is to be fulfilled, and to make a positive impact on ourselves and others. We can choose to employ the wisdom of our higher self. In doing so, we can manifest things beyond our wildest dreams. If that sounds too simple, then I challenge you to try to rid yourself of the burdens which are holding you back from being the person you were meant to be.

Many of our beliefs and habits are so deeply ingrained, we do not even realize they are governing our lives. This sabotage of our spiritual self, eventually turns into illness, misery, and a state of hopelessness. We feel defeated simply because we were unwilling, unable to leave behind the comfort of the familiar, which what we feel worthy of. All of this despite knowing it is a terrible place to find ourselves in. Really, we were meant for something better, yet we refuse to receive the gifts which are there for the taking.

When you are touched by this, oh so special thing … harness it … channel it … let it in for as long as you can as often as you can. It may even become a habit. Your life as you know it will change beyond your wildest dreams. When the energies are aligned, experiencing harmony, balance, wellness and serenity becomes a way of life.

We have the capability through this alignment, to become at one with ourselves and all living things. This state of bliss cannot be experienced at all times. Without moments of indecision, sadness, and rough spots in the road, then we would not appreciate the silent moments, where we are at one with ourselves and the universe.

Preserve that sacred knowledge. You need only to hold onto the feeling, no need to search … simply open yourself to receive. Find the courage to begin. Let it propel you into new worlds and beyond. Let it become your new reality, a way of life.

I am writing this from the place I am at in my own healing journey, although long; it feels as though it is nearing fruition. I am close to catching a glimpse of the reality I have desired to create for my self & my life.

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