Late Summer Light

mountain bird sunset

Saturday was a lovely day to go to Nosehill Park and capture the sunset. I needed to blow some cobwebs out of my head, and so off with camera in hand I went. The light was so interesting and follow the light is just what I did. Wouldn’t you know, when the time came to depart-I realized I was on the wrong side of the ravine. I hadn’t even realized how far I had travelled.

sillouhetteClearly the flip-flops I was wearing were not going to take me down the ravine and up again, so I had to take the long way around. Fortunately I had taken note of the airport tower as a landmark, which turned out to be the first told me I was off course and helped me to locate the car. My ankles scratched and ravaged from the thistles the feeling of the wind through my hair, absorbed in nature and in my glory. The beautiful shots I got was the bonus. This one was lucky timing.

This coming weekend is the East side Studio Crawl, and the artist run gallery I belong to is part of that annual event. The East side, is the original downtown area of Calgary, and many Galleries and artist’s studios are in the area. This is you chance to see a variety of art work and many artist studios.


Some of my work will be on display for this coming weekend and throughout the month at ArtPoint, and at Euphoria Cafe in Crowchild Square I also have some art for about a month.

Beautiful fields of gold at sunset. I want to squeeze every drop of summer that I can. The rain today felt lovely, reviving and now the sun is shining. We have a frost warning for tonight. Time to get the sheets out for the hollyhocks, some of which are yet to bloom. Off to the studio to paint, before a new week begins.

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