Late Summer Stroll


The weather has been phenomenal here in Western Canada. A blistering 30C at the end of September.

Tree tops tinged with yellow are starting to turn ever so slowly, leaves scattered on the ground like huge medallions. The kind of wind that jangles the nerves and rattles the joints swept through all the crevices and cracks thnige other night. The faint glow of early autumn sunset is reflected under the wings of the gulls overhead. The birds have not made up their minds about migration yet.

bowmont-rolling hills

I walked through the grass barefoot yesterday because I could. I wanted to feel myself connected to the earth. Along the path, I memorized the stones and formations.

The vastness of nature pointed out my insignificance. The river’s edges shiver, shade pools vanish into the shadows of the trees on the bank. Sometimes the state of the human condition is more than I can bear. I have been taking inventory of my own life. Exciting things are evolving.

Some movement forward is occurring in the form of new small contracts coming up this week including a fun project in the form of a window mural. I will post that project here. I can see the plan is unfolding and I am thankful to be allowing. We have so many beautiful parks in this city. Today I will enjoy another blissful day of sunshine. Life is good.

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