Lessitovka: Final Touches

Lessitovka: Final Touches

Bosc Pears_1Bosc Pears Shadowed_1

Hello, my oh so patient friends . . . if you haven’t given up on me by now, then you are now looking at the finished bosc pears.
The final layer, or Lessitovka, consists of adding texture details, highlights applied thicker, brighter reflections, details, and of course signing the paintings.

In the last two layers I did add to my palette Cadmium Yellow Deep, Acra Burnt Orange, and Prussian Blue.

Due to my grisaille being slightly too dark, in the earlier stages, it did cause me problems in my final layers, which meant a fair amount of finagling around to get the values right.

I am relatively pleased with the outcome in spite of that, being the first attempt at the Flemish seven layer technique, adapted to acrylics.

The only thing left to do, is to varnish, and I will be using an oil varnish, which should pull everything together.

I will use this technique again with acrylics, and who knows, perhaps I will try it in oil eventually. Not only did I learn a great deal from this exercise, it seemed to me, to be a very sensual way to paint.

I would also like to credit Alexei L. Antonov, whose excellent tutorial on this technique, was used as a guideline for this exercise.
New things to come soon, stay tuned.

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