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Reiki Energy Healing

Everything is Energy

Don’t get angry
Don’t worry
Be grateful
Work hard
Be kind to others

~Mikao Usui

A natural intuitive, I have always had an interest in natural healing. I first discovered my abilities when I was able to rid my mother of a migraine headache. By placing my hands in the area and letting the energy flow naturally it relieved her of the pain.

In cosmetology, one of the few professions that incorporates touch, I have worked with my hands for a long time. This was before I knew anything about Reiki.

I decided to learn Reiki training to manage my own energy system. Now I enjoy helping others to find peace and relaxation. I have been attuned to Level II, Usui Reiki, and will be taking the Master Level soon. I have obtained my Level I in Spring Forest Qigong healing, which is a compliment to my Reiki practice.

In performing Reiki treatments, I am allowing the universal flow of energy to come through me, and be directed to where it most needs to go. This can be done in person, or by distance.

In Person

Doing Reiki in person, I often incorporate sound, crystals and aromatherapy as a compliment to the session. Actual touch is not necessary, but is sometimes incorporated. In giving Reiki, I work to clear the energy blockages that may be hindering your well being. Hands are placed in your energy field, not necessarily on the body itself, although sometimes that may be advantageous. I use Young Living pure essential oils.

Distance Healing

We will prearrange a time to connect. You can find a comfortable spot to lie down and relax. We will spend about an hour, first grounding, then working on you. We can also connect by Skype although it is not necessary.


I can conduct distance healing sessions with you by donation. Suggested Donation $40 Book a session today.

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