Moments Like These

River Winter Dusk

Hello everyone, thanks to all for your support. I have had some response to my previous post, and am presently following some leads.


Something is sure to come through in the very near future.Your support means a lot.

Hope you like this river picture. I froze my touche off getting this photo. It is only once or twice every winter that the mist rises off the icy river, so I couldn’t resist driving around in circles looking for the perfect spot, which turned out to be Princess Island Park. The river was about a seven minute walk from the car.

Mesmerized by the beauty of my surroundings, I had only snapped about four pictures when the memory card flashed it was full. Frozen fingers could only see how to delete the whole bunch, not just the previously downloaded ones.

I trekked back, to get the spare card in the car, briefly warmed up, then back to the river. I was not dressed for cold weather and unaware it was -30C with the wind chill, but I think it was worth it. There is another I took that day where you can see the mist rising. So it’s moments like these we live for, right?

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