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day lily

Belated Happy New Year Everyone! A fresh decade is off to a busy start. Has anyone noticed how the days seem to be moving rapidly, and seasons appear to be interchangeable.

First painting of the new year!
Day Lily- Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20. This was done from a photograph I took of the day lilies I grew in my garden. Speaking of gardening, I am already thinking up some ideas for the coming gardening season, with faith that this year will be a good year for horticulture.

More hollyhocks, and some sunflowers along the side of the garage. This is a year of transformation, and the remaining old paint will peel off and be sanded, making way for fresh paint.

I have received a promotion at work to Music Academy Director! I am enjoying the work and the people there, and grateful for the opportunity!

Things have been busy, and I must have some new paintings for my April Art Show, as I have reserved the main gallery at ArtPoint. I will try to keep you posted on my progress. For now I will post this, because I started this post one month ago exactly!

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