New Pair of Shoes

New Pair of Shoes

ribbons-of-fireHuman beings are creatures of habit, or so it seems. Yet we are told the only thing that remains constant is change. Just the sound of the word makes me want to dig in my heels, and come to a screeching stop.

Changing can be a choice. Change is a verb. Effecting change is just that. One has to take the first step. Beginning can be, often is, the difficult part. Choosing change requires empowering oneself to explore new worlds, while letting go of the old. Once the decision is made, a chain of events will be set in motion, taking you to a new time and space.


The most vibrant people I know, are the ones who embrace new worlds, and have learnt to roll with the punches. In speaking with people, many have told me they have difficulty in this area. Are we so safely cocooned in our own worlds, we have allowed the weed of complacency to choke out our well planned gardens?

The transition is what is most difficult for me. Once I experience ‘different’ it seems no where near as terrible as I had envisioned in my mind, nor as limiting. Fear of the future, perhaps, the more you think about it, anxiety grows. Your energy spent, you watch as your life plummets into the great abyss.

My unwillingness to change at certain times has formed a deep habitual rut. At these times, I need to invite new patterns of thinking and behaviour into my life. In order to do that, I often have to be backed into a corner. Call it encouragement, if you like.

It is something like breaking in a new pair of shoes … at first they are stiff and uncomfortable, and you wonder if perhaps you have bought the wrong size. But you have already worn them outside, you cannot take them back, remorseful you didn’t tape the bottoms and take them for a test run.

So you give them a fair chance, after all, you spent the money on them didn’t you? It isn’t long before they begin to shape to your foot, and before you know it you have a favourite pair of shoes. You can throw out the ones with the holes in them, and tell yourself next time it will be a snap.

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