Nice Place to Work

Face Paint TableThis lovely setting is  a nice place to work. It is the upper terrace at the Banff Springs Hotel where I had my face paint table.

I was there doing face painting for a private party last weekend.

Also involved in the party was Buddy the Clown A BBQ with fancy foods and a jazz band for the adults.

Here is the action at the face painting station. The kids really enjoyed it. I am convinced-children are the best customers especially when it comes to face painting. They were thrilled. What fun.

Face PaintingFace Paint

Tablet PCAnother nice place to work is on this new toy-a tablet pc laptop. This will be a trade for a painting. First thing one has to do is get used to the touch of the pen. The tablet PC involves writing directly on the screen with a special pen.

The pen, used somewhat like a mouse is very sensitive. The touch takes some getting used to. On the screen is the crossword puzzle program. I will be doing digital art and other things with this tablet PC. I will share some finished works when I have more time to experiment.

Day LilliesThe day lilies are beginning to bloom in my garden. Berries and blooms have been scarce. Those which have appeared have been sensitive to rot.

The summer has been cool and wet, with a few hot humid days thrown in for good measure. But I am not giving up just yet, as hot and sunny weather is on it’s way. Soon we will have hollyhocks.

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