Non-Representational Art: An Inevitability?

Non-Representational Art: An Inevitability?

dance-finalI was subject to a certain chain of events recently, which has really jolted me into some sort of surreal reality. It seems as though in the upper echelon of art circles, non-representational art is considered to be the creme de la creme.

The people I spoke with, familiar with the art world, expressed the opinion that other forms of art, seem to be a stage that the artist is going through. I wonder if this means When my art matures, I too will be creating non-representational pieces?


Granted I am a late bloomer, with no formal training in art. I paint what I paint. I can see myself eventually getting to the point where creating non-representational art will appeal to my creative process. Sometimes I think I am on the verge of that very thing.

However in my mind, if an artist doesn’t reach that point, I cannot say their work need be devalued. I don’t believe that is what they were inferring. The reason, I am told, is that to get to that point takes a very long time.

I find most artists who labeled as colourists, do not paint representational. In my opinion, it is still possible to paint representational works, and still be a colourist.

Georgia O’Keefe did not see her work as abstract. Neither did Rothko. He described himself as someone who only paints human emotions. It is interesting to note, what gallery owners, and other non-artists have to say about the work of artists. I may be naive, yet, maybe someone should ask the artist about the art.

The whole incident, sparked my interest to read about Mark Rothko, who is considered by some, to be the most important non-representational artist of the twentieth century. I have ordered the book The Artist’s Reality: Philosophies of Art by Mark Rothko, a book which was found after his death, edited by his son Christopher, and contributed to by his daughter Kate.

Hoping to discover more about this subject, perhaps once I read this book, I may have different ideas. My approach is to follow the flow of where my art takes me, at times whisked away by a momentary inspiration. I do not necessarily premeditate every painting, however, in the incubation phase, a great deal of deep thinking goes on, before the brush is even raised.

Call it whatever you want, art is art is art …


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