October Garden

bow river autumn

It has been beautiful here. What a luxury! This river shot was taken on a stroll after work. My prayers have been answered for an Indian summer and I am grateful.

The days are noticeably shorter, yet sunny and warm with cool nights foreshadowing the inevitable. Last night’s rain was cleansing to the spirit, and soothing to fall asleep by.

The lilac trees, and I raked some leaves. Still a bit more yard cleanup to do, but I still have flowers blooming including wildflowers, sweet peas and sunflowers. I cut down some stuff, and I intend to bring the dahlia bulbs in.


They cannot stay out over the winter, and those were beautiful plants which grew to around five feet with yellow and pink flowers at least the size of side plates. They continued to bloom after the first frost and still are blooming, though the leaves are tinged.

The inner garden has required a lot of tending these days. Clearing, and many preparations to take me to the work I have intended. Planning winter projects contributes to good mental health is the darkest days of the year. That is a trick I learned early on, during my twelve years in the Arctic.

I am trying to clear emotional blockages, some have been resistant to my efforts thus far. I am deep breathing, stretching, taking homoeopathic medicine and trying to be patient. I have stepped up the self care which is a full time job, which no one else wants, by the way! I can see the universe is lining things up and I am working to align myself. Autumn is a perfect time for new beginnings.

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