Off the Wall

Off the Wall

mural suppliesWish me luck! Tomorrow I will have my head in the clouds, literally, even if it is from a step ladder.

A whole day of immersing myself in art dreams, rainbows, birds and clouds. Here’s all my stuff. Do you think I have everything I need? Certainly a larger scale than what I am used to.

I am looking forward to large sweeping brush strokes expanding outwards. Freeing myself from the ‘picky problem’. It’s here, happening now! It is a dream come true. Tired of working for the man, I hope this mural will be the first of many.

Exciting, n’est pas? Someone is paying me to have fun … playing all over their walls. Whoo Hooo. They have promised a steady flow of nectar of the gods (coffee), and I have been invited to stay for dinner.

My first mural. The wall is ten feet by eight feet. Stay tuned for some photos of the escapade as it unfolds. And the finished product, of course.

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