If you are not a visual thinker, then perhaps you rely upon your cognitive process, which is your perception. Perception is one of the oldest studies in psychology.

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We all subscribe to different philosophies, yet the underlying principles are the same. Like variations on a theme.


Sensory experience enables us to perceive. Our interpretation of this becomes our reality. What is real exists only in our own mind and does not depend on external factors. However, it may affect the way we interrelate to others.

Cognitive refers to how we make sense of things. Not everyone processes information coming from external sources the same way. Looking yourself, the world and other people, be aware of what thoughts and feelings are invoked.

One of the most popular therapies today is cognitive therapy, which is based on the here and now. It helps you to change the way you think as well as the way you act. Destructive patterns of thinking and reacting can be replaced with positive ones.

What underlies our different personalities, is our observation of the world, and how we process that information. It tells us what is real, and what is not. Perception is based on belief systems. How we see things is determined by physiological factors as well as social conditioning.

We have the power to change our perception. It is a choice we can make. How we see the world very much determines the outcome and impact we have on our own lives. Human nature expands beyond the boundaries of culture, religion, race by exhibiting similar human qualities. We are all interconnected with a common thread of human nature. Staying on the sunny side of the street can change our outlook. Through constructive thought processes we empower ourselves.

Dream envisioning can motivate you to success. Imagining what you desire your future to be inspires action. Losing the negative self talk, is the beginning of believing in yourself, earning self respect, and building self confidence. Respect is earned, including respect for yourself. Despite failures, it is possible to rebound, just so long as you are not discouraged. The problem is not the world around us, but the way we view can be.

Perception itself is a mode of evaluation.
~Iris Murdoch

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