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Possibilities & Plans; A New Year

Possibilities & Plans; A New Year

Fresh snow has blanketed the transition into 2017 as we begin a new cycle of possibilities.  Trees laden with cotton-balls of snow adorn the thick lined branches. The hares have broken the snow, weaving around the trees leaving their tracks. The New Year came peacefully as I played guitar & drank tea.

I am happy to leave behind the things that are no longer serving me.  Much clearing has taken place and I am simplifying my life to focus on what really matters. I have done another layer of purging to create some space around me for expansion and creativity.

The new possibilities are exciting. This year the emphasis will be on my visual art, music and writing.

Visual Art

In January, watch for a painting a day, five days a week, starting today, Monday January 2, 2017. Check later today when I will post a link here.  All paintings will be postcard size and available for sale. I will let you know a secret. My little paintings go very quickly. I will also be posting them on my Facebook Page if you would like to connect with me there. They often contain as much effort as a large piece and I will be selling them for a reasonable price.

I have not taken many photographs this year, for the first time in a long time. I would like to take a road trip. Some new territory to explore will surely inspire more pictures this year.


Writing an album of music is one plan I intend to complete. The ideas have been in gestation for a long time. The music and melodies come easier than the words for me. It was not always that way. I intend to play more live music gigs. If you would like to host a house concert, let me know. It is easy to do and I will help you on how to set it up. I am still teaching piano and guitar and have a few select openings for new students. Have a look here.

I took a Berklee Jazz Improvisation course on piano and here is one of my assignments; a short improvisation. My jazz improv scale choices for Memories of Tomorrow by Keith Jarrett.


I am preparing to journal again this year. I have journalled for many years, but I have had a long sabbatical. Exercises for the soul are the mainstay of keeping a journal. Digging deep, becoming aware of all my inner workings to stay conscious of where I am on the journey. I have the three novels (or novellas) to finish, a book of short stories that I will edit. 


My healing journey is now showing some results.  I am feeling better than I have felt in a long time. Yoga, meditation & proper diet have been instrumental to my well-being. As well the inner work I have committed myself to for a very long time is now producing fruit.  Results do not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process to uncover one’s aspiration and authentic self, however well worth the effort.

A quote from The Tao of Healing which resonates for me:

To penetrate the hardest armor
Use the softest touch.
Yielding melts resistance
Density is filled by light
Good work is accomplished without effort.
In silence the teachings are heard;
In stillness the world is transformed.

~Jampolsky, M.D.

May we all experience health, wealth and joy in 2017! We have set out intentions. Now it is time to dig in and make it happen. This year will be a year of action. Please leave a comment and share what possibilities you see for yourself in this new year. I would love to hear from you.

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